Kalpna Chawla- Other Face of Indian Women

Indian women are still one of the biggest sufferers of violence against women in this world. Every second in India, many women are raped, killed or burned alive. In many parts of India, women are treated as second citizens or as usable objects. Last few years have seen some spark in the direction of women upliftment in society, however still we have long way to go. In between all this, there are some women who have achieved some extra ordinary achievements in their life and shown to the world that Indian women have something in them.

One such woman was India’s first woman to reach in space, astronaut Kalpna Chawla (7 March 1962 – 1 February 2003). She basically belonged to Karnal, Haryana. Haryana is the one of orthodox state of India from the point of view of women freedom. Even today, there are lots of restrictions present on women in Haryana. Women in Haryana are still required to cover their complete face in many parts of Haryana, so that other people cannot see her face. Despite facing all these odds, Kalpna roses above to the level where other women of Haryana or India cannot even dare to think. Kalpna completed her degree in aeronautical engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh.

After that Kalpna Chawla moved to University of Texas for getting higher education in aerospace engineering. In NASA, she started her research on simulation of complex airflows encountered around the aircraft in 1988. Just seven years later, she got select by NASA as an astronaut candidate for the 15th Group of Astronauts. In 1997, she completed successfully her first space mission. Kalpna Chawla has shown to the world that Indian women are not behind the women of world and if given right opportunity they can achieve extraordinary success in all fields. Sadly, Kalpna Chawla died in one of her space mission in 2003, but she was able to show the world other face of Indian women.

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Behavior Problem- Identity Conflict

One of the major problems with today’s generation is identity conflicts. With the fast growing technology and advancements in human life style, people are finding them selves under lot of pressure to perform activities which they do not like. These activities may involve our job or any work in society or home. As an individual grow in his life, he make some psychological barriers or assumption for him self. He wants to live his life in those fields only. Moreover these barriers and assumptions are motivated by the basic instinct of the person. Like some one may like to become a writer or painter, however due to the pressure of life he may have chosen some other kind of activity which is against his nature and assumptions. As the time pass, the basic nature of person starts dying and finally one day he become a person who has basic nature set by others for him. All this leads to identity conflicts in a person, a question starts emerging in the minds of a person that whether he is really alive or not? When person compares himself with himself of few years back then he saws total change in his personality. He has become a person of many masks on his face and now he is not even able to remove those masks because they have become a permanent part of him. Is this all he wanted to his life be? No, never, but what he can do? He has lost all the control over his life. This is the story of many people around us, who starts their life with identity search but finally land on various identity conflicts. Now a million dollar question is that whether any body can come out of identity conflicts? Yes, we all can come out of them, only we need to make strong contributions towards our real basic nature and make it so strong that it comes out of the control of world.


Behavior Problem- Dominant Character

There are many people around us, who behave in dominant ways. They try to dominant all the activities and behave as if they are the best judge or doer of things. They never allow anybody to question there authority, wisdom or intelligence. They want that they should have the say in all the things and every one should listen to them unquestioned. For example, if you are giving some advice to a dominant character in coming out of a problem then he will not consider your advice rather he will question your authority to give him advice. These kinds of people are difficult to handle. They are comfortable only with people, who are submissive towards them. They want to give everybody some advice even if you’re not interested in their advice. Dominant characters found it very difficult to adjust in groups where other dominant characters are present. Dominant characters are the major culprits behinds the failure of meetings, marriages, relations, friendships and even society objectives. They want to run the whole world in their own way, not considering how others would want all these things. Dominant characters are not only dangerous for others and society, but they are dangerous for even themselves. When these kind of characters run into some kind of difficulty then they try to solve it themselves and sometimes even complicate the whole process. They never take others and their advice seriously. This makes their life less suitable for improvements. Dominant character to some extent is present in every individual, however the extent vary. As a balanced character, it is good to use dominant character sometimes but dominating all the time is a bad move and may spoil our whole life.


Earn from stocks held

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Live NSE and BSE

Can we trust the search engine results?

Today search engines are the major source of information on net. Billion’s of people depend on them everyday for billion’s of searches. Without search engines it is really hard to search required information on net. If we start searching manually then it may take years for us to get the desired results. Search engines are not only for our service; however they are doing billion’s of dollar business. Google the most famous search engine have got lot of success only due the earnings from various search engine activities. Search engines rate the particular site with incoming links attached to that site, more the inward links more will the rating of site. For example Google gives rating on the scale of 1 to 10 to the site. The rating is given while considering the contents, key words and links. More rating insures more results for that site on the top of search engine result. A higher rating may result into thousand of visitors per day on that site. The first major fraud which is going on is key word optimization, there are many dummy sites made on the net every day which are rich in key words but lack in required information. Second major fraud is fake links. Today there are many free software’s available on the net which can create thousand of key word rich sites with thousand of links. All this makes lot of unreliable sites to come up in rating and spoil search results. Search engines like Google and Yahoo have developed software which can catch these sites and ban them from showing in search results. However these sites are so large in number that it is very difficult to stop them. The third point is that the entire search engines are made to earn money therefore all the search engines gives special attention or highlight screening of site which pay them. The problem is that many of these sites are misleading and made only for making money. All the above factors make search engine results under scan. Still we have to depend upon them till we are able to get better options.


Sari- An ethnic women wear

Sari is one of many traditional women wears of Indian women. Sari is a piece of fabric; which is 5-6 yards in length. Amazing thing about Sari is that there are no stitches in a sari. Sari is wrapped around the waist by a woman. It is worn over a choli and an underskirt (also known as petticoat). It consists of a length of cotton, silk, or other material.

How to wear a Indian Sari? (Video tutorial)

In India, sari has also remained a leading women wear; not only for special occasions, but also in daily life. According to one estimate, 75% women in India wear Sari. In many traditions in India, it is custom to wear only sari after marriage. Overall, sari is famous in whole India; however Sari wearing style differs from place to place. Usage of sari by women in India can be linked back to ancient times, though the style of wearing it has changed with time.

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It is very difficult to find a single woman in India; who does not have a sari in her possession. Popularity of sari can be judged from this point; that it is still main worn wear by women on special occasions. Sari comes in different price ranges; and sari price can range from 2$ to 1000$. Sari comes in different varieties, and some different varieties are Kanjeevaram, Konrad, Banarasi, Kota Doria, Baluchari etc.

Different varieties of Sari have difference of making and material used in them. Its popularity has not decreased; despite being used for so long. Recently many Hollywood actresses have also admired it. Though, sari is a simple plain cloth; however it has power to increase beauty of women many times. There is a common saying in India; that every woman looks beautiful in sari.

However, a concern has started coming on the surface; that new generation of modern women finds it difficult to continue with this ethnic wear; because it reduces speed of walking and it is difficult to manage. One thing is certain; that sari is going to survive in all odds, because it has power to enhance the beauty of a woman; which no other cloth on this earth has.

Learn about different Styles of Sari Wearing (Video Tutorials)

Finally Prince is out

India is progressing and it is not only progressing in infrastructure and technology but also in care for humans. In the past years, India has seen a worst time of human exploitation. Human rights have always remained on toss. Communal violence and exploitation by rich and politicians was common scene in India. But for the first time in last sixty years of independence whole of India come forward for the rescue of Prince, a small 5 year old boy who fell in a 60 feet deep and 1 feet wide well. Due to the less width, it was not possible for any adult to go inside and Prince was also week to catch and come out with rope. However today, after 60 hours of rescue operation and by the great work of army and local people, he is in the safe hands of his mother. Prince was playing when he fell in this well covered with grass. The amazing thing is that he belongs to a poor family of daily wager. Thanks to the help of strong Indian media, whole nation came in the help of Prince. Billions of prayer started for his rescue around the nation. Even the Prime Minister of India assured all kind of help for Prince. This is the first time after Kargil war, when the whole nation has come forward completely for help. Initially the local bodies of Kurukshetra city tried everything to rescue Prince but everything failed. Then the Haryana government called Indian army for help. Army showed a planned strategy and digs the nearby well up to 63 feet, from there started constructing tunnel towards the position of Prince and finally rescued him. I am happy that these entire incidences show the concerns of people towards each other and how we have started caring for an even small 5 year old poor child.
Photo diagram of Rescue

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Marinda Bypass- A political sandwich

The major concern for India is its aging old and corrupt political system. As the time has progressed, India politicians have not learned any lesson from the time. Effectiveness still misses in most of the political parties of India. India has adapted the similar multi party system of Britain. Indian politicians are still among the most corrupt and even some of them have links with under world and mafias. All this has severely hit the progress work in states and if any progress happens anywhere then it becomes the target of politicians. Recently a bypass is completed on national highway no 95 near Marinda(town) on Ludhiana-Chandigrah road. This bypass was completed four months backs and it is ready for traveling of vehicles. This bypass will be a great help for the people traveling on this route. The vehicle now does not need to pass through the heavy jams of Marinda town and a busy railway crossing. Lot of time of commuters will be saved with the opening of this bypass. However, the politicians are not ready for it, because they want to use it for vote bank. Two months back people themselves started using this bye pass and travel become a constant affair through this bypass. But this was not acceptable to politicians, so they stopped the usage of bypass. Now, it will be opened after some time by some VIP guest, because they have no bother about the common Indians, as they are only seeing them as vote banks. I think the politician of India should be shameful on these kinds of acts which increases the difficulties of people.


Wedding Planning

Planning for marriage in few months then there are few information’s for you. Marriage involves lot of expenditure and if not gone with care about all this then may land in lot of problems. You may plan your marriage in a lavish hotel or in an intimate garden, but all the marriage require lot planning in advance. You are requiring answering few questions in advance like what will be budget. And who are paying? Because now day’s, groom families have also started participating in expenditure. It is better to discuss in advance about the participation in expenditure by both the families and prepare an outline for the expenses in dollar contributions from both the side. The other option is to ask each party to hold individually some programs but it is easier to ask each individual parent to finance a particular aspect. It is important to have clear planning on the part of the ceremony, bridesmaid gifts, honeymoon, or catering. In a survey, it is found that 37% of the couples are willing to participate in their wedding expenses. Second question which comes into mind is that how much amount is enough to execute a fairly cool wedding. The average cost of 150-person wedding is around $25,000. The basic breakdown can be 48%-50% on Reception, 2%-3% on Ceremony, 8%-10% on Attire and Flowers and Entertainment/Music each, 10%-12% on Photography/Videography. The other things like Stationery, Wedding Rings and parking transportation costs ranging from 6%-9% and one can hold about 5%-8% for misoellaneous. It is always advisable to have at least 5% extra money secured for un-thought events. One can start saving for marriage from the time of engagement and a goal of 20% saving per month is fairly enough to finance all the costs. More over the value of this money can be enhanced by depositing money in money market accounts or buying CDs instead of lower interest rate bank accounts. One can find double interest rate by these accounts however it is advisable to read the risk documents and take all the necessary precautions.



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Real estate

Today real estate is hot topic around the world. Many new housing and commercial building are emerging from nowhere. The prices of the land have sky rocketed in few years. Today it has become very difficult to get a house in any big city of world. Any one searching for Chicago Real Estate options may have try hard to get the suitable option because take the example of Aurora which was founded in 1834. In 1837, Aurora becomes a city when a post office was established here. Many around US may have listened Aurora as “City of Lights”, because it was the first city of America to electricity for street light. According to 2003 census, the population of Aurora is 157,000. It is situated just 45 miles southwest of Chicago. College of DuPage and Waubonsee Community College are two community colleges in Aurora. Aurora is known for its condominiums, town homes, and single family homes. All this makes Aurora a real estate hub. Realtors in Aurora are supposed property of $56,100 to $975,000. Detached housing which includes condos and town homes comes in the range of $52,000 to $578,000. Aurora is part of the Fox Valley Park District which includes 47 square miles of land and three different towns. This town has the facilities of park, golf courses, an aquatic center and a few fitness centers. One can visit Phillips Park Zoo, which has free admission and open daily. Now you can yourself imagine the increase of real estate in other parts of nation.

Flower Lover

Flowers are the most beautiful creatures of God. There will be hardly any person in this world who would not like flowers. I remember, my days of childhood when I wait eagerly for the blossom of roses in our small garden. My father always worked hard to stay these rose plants in healthy condition. Sometimes I also enjoyed helping him, but one thing is certain that I like these flower to blossom. There are many varieties of flowers which are available today. Flowers have very important role in our festivals and rituals. In India it is a custom to serve flowers to God and to use them in decorations. There fragrance and beauty have the power to make the experiences more enjoyable. Today there are lots of kinds of flower arrangements available in market. These flowers decorations are available in many tastes and price bands. If you can pay more then you can choose expensive ones, like Superstar Elton John, who does not like greenery much (as reported by an Irish website). This millionaire popstar has spent a more than £10,000 (€14,493) a month on flowers. Only problem with superstar is that he can not tolerate green in his flowers. He does not like to see green in the red and white floral arrangements adorning his dressing room. He is known to be little bit fussy with his flowers but he can afford to be fussy because he can pay for all this. He usually wants his arrangements should not contain flowers like carnations, chrysanthemums, daisies, or lilies which he does not like. He is also known for his love for flowers, on which he has spent lot. Now it the time of us, how much we love flowers? We all can also Send flowers to our loved ones and make our relations more romantic. If we also started enjoying and sending flowers then one day we may become a known flower lover like Superstar Elton John.

Real condition of woman in this world

Recently I read a story in the newspaper “The Hindu”, in which a Pakistani Muslim woman given an application to meet her 80 year old Sikh mother living in India. The story goes back to the time of partition when many Indian women remained in Pakistani side and many Pakistani women in Indian side. However many of them were sent back to there respective countries, but all were not fortunate enough. Some got married to the people of other caste and remained in that country. In the above story her mother got married to a Muslim man and gave birth to her. After few years her mother returned to India but she remained on the other side. Nearly after 60 years of partition she has hope to see her mother, thanks to the initiatives of government of Kashmir, India and Pakistan. The newspaper has also given lot of other examples. This is the story of Kashmir where few women are involved, now what about Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Philistine or Afghanistan. There will be enormous number of women who are suffering. Even situations in developing and developed nations are not fine. Every day many women are raped or killed in United States of America, anyway a most secure nation in world. In India, everyday lots of woman are burned alive or raped. Women have become a thing of common use and exploitation. In many parts of the world and even in some religions, women are treated like the objects of usage. Even very few males are ready to give equal right to women in choosing there paths. Women are not safe in even there homes, many small girls goes through sexual misbehavior from their relatives or from any male. All this make the real condition of woman in world really of concern and requires a lot of improvement.


English is my third language

Many people regularly asked this question from me that English is my second language or not. Most of them were worried about my grammatical mistakes. Here, I am not defending myself. I have taken a serious look towards my English and decided to improve my basics. It will be a tedious work and may take months; still I am hopefully of significantly improving my English skills. My birth place is Himachal Pradesh, a hilly state of India. However, my most of education is done from Hoshiarpur, Punjab. In Punjab, the primary language is Punjabi or Gurmukhi. Therefore Punjabi has lot influence on my writing and as a person. I studied this subject rather lived for more than fifteen years. Even still, today I am very good in speaking and understanding Punjabi. The second language which I learned was obviously Hindi, national language of India. In India it is like must to understand Hindi. Both these languages are beautiful in them selves, though both of them are not used much in world map except in India. Third encounter was with English; we usually start learning it from initial years but the emphases is on grasping it rather on understanding, may be due to this reason that very few people understand it properly. I am brought up in a society where it is very hard to lesson people speaking English. Parents, friend-circle or society all were blank in English. But in recent few years the time has changed dramatically, schools have started giving more thrust on spoken and written English. Success of Indian corporate and globalization have faced people to accept English more then there local language. Good English has become a ticket to success in profession. Like others I am also forced to join this race of superiority. With completing nine months of writing, I have improved on few parameter set by myself but still have long way to go. I apologize for not being proficient in English but simultaneously determined to change the picture in coming years.

With love Arvind

Note- There exist a greater geographical disbalance in English usage and understanding in India. People from the southern states and big cities of India are more proficient in English as compared to their counterparts in other regions.


Can India and Pakistan unite again?

At this stage the answer will be obviously, a big no. We people from both sides of nations have lot of hatred towards each other. We have fought many wars with each other and a war of words always remained between the both nations. Recently for the blasts in Mumbai Indian government blamed Pakistan for its hand behind all this and same will the response of Pakistan if anything happens there. From the time of partition both the nations are trying to belittle other nation. Both the nations are involved in destructive work in other nation may be the extent of involvement varies e.g. Pakistan’s support to the Kashmiri militants. However, behind creating all this hype both the governments of India and Pakistan have lot of motives. Both the governments are able to justify their lackluster performance in human issues behind this hatred. They make people to think and remain involved in these issues so that they could not ask for productive work. Opening of road and rail links between both the nations have helped many people to interact with their counterparts in other nation. This has helped people to understand that the real problems are same on both sides. Culture and traditions are nearly same and people can be stronger if they are united. Few weak voices have started emerging from the crowd for unification. Common man of the both side have no hatred towards each other, only all of them are misguided. Yes, the religion for which both nations got divided does not cause any resistance now, in India there are more number of Muslims then the Muslims present in Pakistan. Today’s people of India have started accepting other religions. Many of the Pakistani singers and actors have got good openings in India film and TV industry. So we could hope to see a strong and wealthy Indian continent with all the people sharing their happiness with each other.


Mumbai thrills again

Not more than a week of heavy rain, Mumbai thrilled again, this time with the cowardly act of few insane people. Mumbai seen 8 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai local trains, supposed to be the heart of Mumbai transport. Most of the bombs exploded when trains were to just arrive on the station. Police suspects that some remote control device must be used in carrying out these blasts. More that 200 people were dead and more than thousand were injured. Whole of the world have condemned this cowardly act. Mumbai and Delhi always remain in the target list of terrorists. However this time the blasts were of high intensity and caused lot of damage. This time no terrorist outfit is taking the responsibility of it. Mumbai can be termed as the financial capital of India and therefore by striking here terrorists have tried to terrify Indians. Behind all this may be who ever, but the main concern is the life of people who have died and that can not be restored at any cost. Many people will be now handicapped for their whole life due to these cowards. Some people who have either died or become handicap are the sole bread earners for their family. These coward terrorists do not know that by doing all this they can never achieve there goals. Today’s terrorists have much wider nexus and they are highly professional, all this make very difficult situations for ordinary people who suffer the most.

Check PNR status (Indian Railway)
Check Indian railway train status

Grenade Rain

Do you want to enjoy the rain of grenades? Explosions and explosions every where, then come to Srinagar, capital of Indian state Jammu & Kashmir. Here one can get the live excitement of grenade attack. You may be walking on the road and suddenly a grenade will explode near you. You will find many people and yourself running for safety. Those who are near to grenade attack will not be fortunate enough to run. Some will die there at the spot and others may be wounded. All this will be live and no artificial effect will be in it. Srinagar at an average receives a grenade attack every alternative day. Initially terrorists (coward men) attack grenades only on army men, but however now they even targeting local people. All this may be attributed to the frustration of these coward men. This is tragic part of story what is happening in Srinagar, a land which is know as god’s land is burning with fire and with death of innocents. Do these innocent people have no right to move on the road? Does the life of these people have no value? Who will tell these coward people about this? Those who claim to be the fighters of god can do this injustice. I have no answers because my small mind doesn’t show me any reason for these cowardly acts.


Naturally re-grow hairs

Hair plays a major role in the person appearance. It is quite difficult to look good without hairs. However, the people without hair do not need to worry because there are available lot of techniques which can ensure 100% re growth of hairs. One can visit Dr. Pistone on www.drpistone.com, who offers 100% re-growth of hairs by simple, safe, and affordable hair transplant method. He is confident of 100% results of his transplant and ready to redo the whole procedure without any extra cost if the expected result does not come. This transplant gives a natural look to patient as the growth is natural. This helps in bringing back the self confidence of people. The major catch in all this is getting a right surgeon. Choose Dr Pistone who has experience, skill, artistry and ethics in hair re-growth. He or clinic is not associated with any franchisee, there we careful of wrong people. He is among the few surgeons in the world armed with double board-certification in both Surgical Hair Restoration and Dermatology. Dr. Pistone is one among 40 elite hair surgeons worldwide recognized by the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons for professional and ethical excellence. He has more than 6000 procedures in his name. From New Jersey Hair Transplants and Hair Transplant Manhattan ….to Connecticut Hair Restoration and Hair Loss Maryland, all know his excellence in this field. Dr Pistone is known to use the latest and most advanced techniques. His hair transplant technology is safer and shorter. In hair transplant it is necessary that the patient should have all the necessary information, because treatment my take months. Therefore better information can help him in taken right decision. Dr Pistone has a team of highly effective and experienced doctors and nurses, who can take any challenge confidently. Any patients who want to know about the surgical procedure such as Follicular Unit Transplantation and how it can change a patient’s life is discussed on Dr. Pistone’s website. No shortcuts, all the surgeries are performed by Dr Pistone himself.

Rain harvesting- An Ancient Technique of Water Storage

In last article , I have also discussed about it. Currently in India, it is monsoon season which brings lot of rain. Many places will get flooded with overflowing water and normal life gets to a halt. In India we face lot of water shortage; therefore, if we can utilize this water in a proper manner then we can easily come out of water shortage problem, which is worsening with each passing year. Rain harvesting provides a good alternative to achieve all this. 

Indians are using it from the ancient times but today, we have lost our touch with it old technique of water storage and saving. In rain harvesting, rain water is allowed to flow in to tanks, pounds or wells made inside the home, office or other places. All this allows collection of rain water these tanks. All these tanks are made in specific way that they work as natural filters of water. The main impurities and mud gets cleaned away through the porous layers. 

This technology is not only useful in collecting water but it also useful in increasing the ground water level. There are lots of examples of rain harvesting system present in ancient buildings where even not a single drop of water gets wasted. Today, this technique can easily solve problem of water shortage present in many parts of India; therefore, it is important for government of India to work in direction to make rain harvesting an important part of our lifestyle. With the availability of such great technique to save water, how we can allow this precious water to follow and then finally suffers with droughts. 

Rain harvesting can make people self sufficient in water. Rain harvesting requires a small and single time investment, further it require very less maintenance. Many Indian state governments have already encouraged rain harvesting and they are providing funds for it e.g. Delhi government, HP Government. People can use this technique to reap major benefits in future.

Water crisis in India and Its solutions

Water crisis

India has god gift of so many water resources and many big and small rivers pass through it. Lots of pure water lakes are present in India. Still India is the one of worst hit nation with water shortage. A country which floods in rains and people have to run for safer places still in summers it faces heavy droughts. The water which gets rained in India or flows through it is much more than the required consumption of India. However, still we have huge shortage of water. Many states in India are fighting for sharing of river waters. Many places people become violent against shortage of water. Moreover this entire problem is becoming more and more dangerous day by day. Experts blame all this to mismanaged or lack of storage of rain water. They highly advocate rain harvesting and construction of small check dams for tackling this problem. We can see a great ancient rain harvesting systems present in the places of Rajasthan (a desert state of India). Due this unique and ultimate rain harvesting people in these places can face up to four droughts without panic. In these rain harvesting systems even not a single drop of water gets wasted. But in toady society no body is taker of this system. Few of governments have started partial rain harvesting projects but they all failed due to the lack of interest of people and governments. Recently, people of a remote village of Rajasthan created few check dams and solved their water shortage problem. Instead of encouraging them government decided to penalize them. Rains are still good in India and therefore, rain harvesting and construction of check dams provides a good alternative. In some states pounds can be constructed in the place of dams. Only these small efforts can easily reduce the big problem of water shortage. Hope that the people of India and government use these methods to avoid water crisis.


Small or short stories

Small or short stories
Small stories we read them and enjoy them. However still many of us do not realize in depth what they are? Small stories are stories written in 500-2000 words approximately. They many be written in single paragraph or may have multiple paragraphs. Unique point of small stories is that they are very less time consuming and they are best for people who do not much time to read. There are some small stories which are small in worlds which have very deep routed meanings. Writing a good small story is a big art. Well written small story has every thing plot, suspense, adventure and a good end. It is difficult task to put all this in a small story, therefore a high level of expertise in required to complete this. Those who want to become good writer should try with writing few of short stories; this will definitely sharpen their skills. Moreover there is huge market available for small stories. All the magazines, news letters and news paper are ready to publish them. A writer can write few stories and then publish all of them in a single book. Many of these kinds of books have got lot prizes. Therefore any one writing short stories should not neglect their importance. So write and enjoy short stories.


Decline in the sale of Bicycles

According an article published in Indian daily, the use of bicycle is on decline. Today their main customers are children. Due to the busyness of life, people are finding it hard to manage with cycle. Moreover the use of two wheelers has increased many times. All this has happened thanks to increase in earning of common Indian. Besides that there are lots of attractive loan options also available. Two wheelers manufactures are able to sell so many two wheelers in last few years which they were not able to sell in last 45 years. Improvement in road conditions has also lead to this increase in number of two wheelers. However all this is showing a sign of worry to environmental activists. This much increase in number of two wheelers can put lot of pressure on environment in the term of pollution. Today cycles are believed to own by poor and many people due to social stigma do not use them. Earlier cycle used to provide a good source of physical workout. Many rich people even enjoy riding it, but unfortunately cycles are losing their existence to stylish and more comfortable two wheelers. Only children are hope of cycle industry and major contributor in its sales. Cycle is a simple vehicle and does not require any kind of fuel. People can reach to their destinations while doing exercise. Cycles do not cause environmental problems. Still there survival is on stake. We may hope to see the cycle industry back on track and many and many people using it.


Basic right to corruption

Many people grow in their life by using lot of wrong ways. They justify their cheating with money security and good life for their family. Today there are many of people who are ready to sell their honesty for few rupees. This culture can be very well seen in India, a country which has a proud name among the most corrupt nations of world. For this India does not need any certificate because every common Indian know it by heart.

We are a country where politicians can make money from the coffins of worries those died defending their country at border. In India people want to join government services not to serve the nation but to earn money through corruption. There are many examples of corrupt officers of Indian government those who have made enormous properties many times more than the salary earned by them through out their job.

When world say that we are a poor nation then they are mistaking us, because India will top in black money. Here every thing can be done with corruption. Medicine to food every thing first goes through the hands of corrupt people and then reaches to common man. Indian common man is the worst victim of corruption. Privatizations process of 1990’s have provided some hope, but the big Indian private companies are also not away from corruption.


Shampoo massage

I am sharing with you one of the way to utilize shampoos to their maximum potential. Many people may already know this concept or may be using it regularly, however for those who do not know it, this is a good learning. Mostly all of us use shampoo twice or thrice a week. Shampoos are useful in cleaning, darkening and strengthening of our hairs. But many of us do not use them properly. We just apply them and then with in minute rinse them. Due to this, shampoos are not able to produce their desired effect on our hair. First and most important thing is to choice a shampoo wisely, a shampoo must be suitable to hair and the head skin because if we do not choice our shampoo with care then it may damage our hairs or cause skin allergies. After choosing a shampoo, the next thing is to make a schedule for its application. We must be regular and constant in using shampoos. Now while using the shampoo, first apply it on hair with slow massage so that it could reach to every part of head and hairs. Continue doing massage for two to five minutes and then leave hair as such for next five minutes. After all this finally rinse them thoroughly with water and then one may apply suitable conditioner according to the type of his or her hairs. This may look a simple exercise but can help us significantly in growing good hairs.

Summer flowers

Flowers are the most beautiful things of this world. People grow plants in their gardens to see flowers blossoming in them. Flowers are associated with the purest and beautiful things on this earth. Therefore they are used to pay regard to god and as decorative in marriages. Giving flowers to some one is regarded as the gesture of respect and love. Everyone feels very happy when he found himself surrounded with flowers. Therefore all this make it reasonable to use flowers in wedding functions. One can purchase variety of heart pleasing flowers like lily, orchid, daisy, and dahlia families for there functions. Currently there is available good range of summer flowers which is going to increase the value of your decoration. Few of the special flowers are Calla Lilies, Dendrobium Orchids, Dahlias, Daisy, Baby's Breath and Chrysanthemum. You will be amazed to know that funnel-shaped Calla Lilies are not flowers in real sense, however a large horn-shaped extension of the stem, called a spathe, there height ranges from 6" to 9" in length. Available from March to June Calla Lines comes in pure white to orange to dark magenta. Dendrobium Orchids is delicate, six petaled summer flower and they are the least expensive during the month of April to August. They come in different variety of colors and one can sprinkle them over tables, down the aisle, or add to centerpieces for a heavenly floral arrangement. Dahlias are available in rich color variety and are the easiest to get during summer and early fall. They are full-bodied blooms laden with petals which make them an excellent choice for centerpieces, pew decorations, and other sturdy arrangements. Classic wedding flower “Daisy” blooms from May to July. They are wedding flowers which represent hope, purity, and innocence. They can add joy to your summer wedding by adding them in bridal bouquet, placed in bud vases for airy centerpieces, or hand-tied in minibouquets for the bridesmaids. “Chrysanthemum” is daisy’s spiny-bloomed cousin and they are available in all the months of hot summer. This airy flower with narrow petals comes in very large variety than classic daisy and looks excellent in bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations. “Baby's Breaths” each stem bursts with tiny white blossoms in summer. They are used as filler for bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, and boutonierres. It is mostly available through out the years. Now you can look how these beautiful flowers can add value to your decorations.

Respect your dog

Dog is known to be the faithful animal on this world. Dogs and man have very long relation. Dogs have always protected humans from dangers and saved the lives of many. Dogs have adjusted themselves very well in the human sphere. We also have a beautiful dog called pat. He was with us for last 15 years. We have spent a good and enjoyable time with him. It never looked to us that he does not belong to our family. I still remember playing with him when he was few years old. He was very naughty in initial day. He always encourages me to fight with him. His silly behavior makes me to laugh on him regularly. He belongs to a specific bread of upper hill dogs found in hilly regions of India. Today he fell from the bed and got himself injured. So I have to ask for a doctor. Doctor gave him an analgesic and multivitamin injection and prescribed a regular dose of pain killer. I always got filled with fear when I release that his end is near. Day by day his life is becoming more and more difficult to live. I pray god to give him power to fight his pains. He may remains in this world or not, but he will always remain in my heart. I request all the people to respect their dogs and take care of them well.


Why to invest in silver and gold?

Everyone can remember the time when he was able to buy four gallons of gas in 1 dollar. At that time gas was used to cost 25 cents only. However today we are not able to purchase the same four gallon of gas in 1 dollar, but even today there is available some thing known as real money which can buy the same gas today which it could by years back and i.e. silver. All this tells us that the real money like gold and silver hold there value where as the green paper money loses its value with time. When you think deeply, you will find that it is not the price of food and other items which has increased but this green money has lost its value with time. When people think that the things have become expensive then they can be told wrong because it is actually the value of US dollar which has gone down. Financial experts have always stressed for a diversified portfolio, with 10-20% investment in gold, silver or other precious items. However the unclear political stability and volatility in market makes it wiser to invest in silver and gold. For buying silver and gold one can consider Monex which has the experience, expertise and resources provide the best deal. Monex has done billion of dollars of business in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Monex is trusted name since 1967. All this make Monex an oldest, reliable and most experienced name in purchasing precious metals for individual needs. For many of us silver coins offer an attractive and economical way to invest. So enjoy seeing your money retaining its value.

Diamond Rings

Diamonds is a one of the unique gift of this nature. It is a stone which shines in darkness. Almost all the woman around the world feel very-2 happy to possess a diamond and diamond rings are one of major source of fulfilling their dreams. Diamond rings comes in the price bracket of few hundred dollars, which make them easily affordable to anybody. All this has become possible due to the growing market of diamonds. Diamond is a unique stone, which has the power to capture light. A single ray of light when entered into diamond remains entrapped for longer time. Light rays remain reflected again and again inside the diamond making it the one the most shinning object on earth. Therefore by wearing a diamond woman got feeling of possessing best object on earth. We all can learn from diamond to use minimum energy to maximum extent and shine. We most of time lose our energy which making us dull. More we can derive a similarity between a beautiful shining woman and a shining diamonds in her hand.


Correlation between diamond, graphite and group

Diamond is a unique gift of nature. Hardly there will be any one, who will not endorse its beauty? That is the reason; why diamonds are costliest thing on this earth? Moreover from beauty and price diamond has lot of things to tell us. Both diamond and graphite both have nearly same structure but one is hard and beautiful, whereas other is soft and black. Diamond is even shining in the dark, whereas graphite is hiding in darkness. Why diamond is so fortunate enough to have this privilege. The reason can be derived from the structure of diamond, in diamond all the carbon molecules are strongly bond giving it a hardest structure on earth. On the other hand, in graphite all the carbon molecules are loosely bond and therefore making it weak. These properties of diamond and graphite can used to form a strong group. If all the members of group are strongly bound then definitely the group will be strong and it will out shine among other groups. Where as the group which has less bound among members will break even with a single strike of hammer. We all can learn the lessons told by diamond and graphite and get their help in forming strong and shinning groups.


Living with nature

Today, I got the chance to relax in the lawn outside my room. It was a blessing in disgust. As, a developing country, many states in India experience sever shortage of light in summers. In power cut, I have no choice but to go outside and sit on the grass. It was really an amazing experience for me, when I slept on the green grass, small grass started giving me a pinching affect same like aqua puncture. I was in the open sky after a long time. I have forgotten about the nature and its beauty. Even in sizzling heat, I was much comfortable under the shadow of a medium sized tree. Cool breeze was blowing from all sides. For few minutes, I thought how unfortunate I was to miss all this. I have forgotten about nature in my day to day busy life. Cities are becoming more and more concrete houses only. Pollution, noise and running people here and there is a reality. Whereas on the other hand nature is so cool and full of energy. Nature is so calm and relaxing that it looks nature is doing some meditation. In today’s world, we are becoming more and more away from nature. There are some people who are fortunate enough to have big house with surrounding gardens but unfortunately they have no time to enjoy them. Even the story of public parks and gardens is same; we can only mostly see children and old people wondering here. I have only one question, how we can alienate nature when nature is so beautiful. I therefore request you all to enjoy nature and help it to grow.


Do we fight for others?

99% of people do not fight for other. There are hardly 1% of the people which fight for others because fighting for others requires a lot of guts and coming up of our own selfish needs. I do not say that others do not have guts but due to our selfish nature we have no time to think about others. We are highly busy in chasing our dreams and ready to use any right or wrong way to get it. I have seen many people who are very successful in their lives, but however they have achieved all this by cheating others and themselves. These people never realize that what they are going to miss in long run. Things achieved with wrong deeds will never be going to make us happy. But who cares, we all are busy in chasing our dreams even by crushing the dreams of others. Now if we all are so busy then how we could fight for others? Fighting for others requires coming up of our own selfish needs. Some may blame that this world is selfish then how they can not be selfish. This is the real art which is shown by few of the saints like Swami Vivekananda and Guru Gobind Singh. Life of people like Swami Vivekananda and Guru Gobind Singh are a clear example of performing of pure selfless service to world. Even we can make this world a more livable place for others by fighting for our self, there are many example of people who even do not fight against the atrocities done on them. In this situation from whom we expect to fight for others.


Health, Technology, Society and we

Health is the one of biggest asset on this world. One can not afford to lose it. Good health is necessary to enjoy the pleasures of this world. However due to the fast activities of this world our health is getting compromised many times. Tensions have become a frequent part of our life. More the technology getting advanced more we are becoming busy. Take the example of mobile phones, does it not increasing our tension level. Now we have no time to run and settle our self before facing the world. With fast communication people can put watch on us; these may be our friends, wife, boss or relatives. People have become so much addicted with mobile phones that their blood pressure starts increasing when they do not receive calls. In many researches across the glove it is now proved that mobile phone rays are damaging to many parts of body if exposed for longer time. People have become so much busy that they have no time for physical exercise. They are working day and night for coming out of their fears but their fears are still increasing. This busyness and advancement of world have lead to so much of mental and health problem which are difficult to diagnose and treat. All this will only lead to increase in the cost of heath care. The major problem which is emerging out is of mental disorders which are making more and more people its victims. Does, this is all which we want from our society, a society which is still governed by the laws of animal age or we want to grow and make a healthy and strong society. It is very difficult to give answer to this simple question because we as society are indulged in our own welfare and do not consider for others.


Indian origin online thief

Recently, lots of Indians have shown their potential to the world. Due to this Indian are now regarded as the experts of their field. Today Indians are holding many top positions across the globe. Many Indian have joined the list of top 100 rich person of world. In between all of this, an Indian origin thief is making news these days. His name is Shiva Brent Sharma. Sharma is only 22 years old, however by the way of identity stealing Sharma has earned more then $150000 and lot of merchandise. By the age of 20, Sharma had developed some ways to get the information of stolen credit card accounts. He uses this information to purchase online or transfer money into his account. Sharma is a highly internet savvy boy and has achieved lot of mastery in identity theft. According to him he has learned all these skills from internet only. Sharma from earlier age has joined many of the groups which discuss the issues of identity theft. Through which he gathered lot of information which was enough for stealing identities. I will not admire this act of Sharma and accept from Indians to restrain from all these kind of activities. Otherwise it will ruin the image good and honest Indians. People can learn from the life of Sharma that end of short cuts is always bad. Source- NYT News Service


Mumbai-it is raining again

Indian financial hub Mumbai is again in news for the same reason which has killed thousands of people last year. Mumbai is raining again, rain is much more than the expected rain. Streets and rail tracks are again filled with water. Many people are being evacuated from low-level areas because the government did not want to repeat the last year incidents again. This is the only fifth day of rain and Mumbai has started panicking. Why Mumbai has started facing this problem severely from last two years? Mumbai always gets a lot of rain but this much of noise was not there earlier. What has happened? Is it rain or some other reasons are there? Rain has some reason behind all this because there is an increase in /cm rain. However, the main reason behind all this is much deeper. According to Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the main reason behind all this is old sewerage system. This reason is true up to large extent because of increasing population of Mumbai city its sewerage system has become outdated. Mumbai city immediately needs a better sewerage system which can hold these kinds of rains. The third reason behind this is an unplanned extension of Mumbai city. Due to the shortage of land, many colonies have emerged in low line area from which water has no place to go out or very less drainage is there. When it rains heavily than most of these areas submerge in water. If Mumbai did not want to repeat the situations like last year then it has to immediately work on better and efficient drainage system and with better planning, people can be stopped from making houses in low line areas.

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Multi Drug Resistance Tuberculosis

Like the other parts of world tuberculosis is one the biggest killer of people in India. Many people die every year due to tuberculosis. Indian government has initiated some effort to control it like free medicine to tuberculosis patients, free tuberculosis specific clinics. However, all this has remained failed due to non follow up and non completions of therapy. Many Indians live in small houses, where lot of people live together, making the chances of other people getting infected with tuberculosis. Awareness label is the other problem with Indian’s, people are not aware about the severity of disease and what precaution should be taken to stop spreading this disease. Mostly, if one member of the family suffers from tuberculosis in these families then 90% of the other family members are also going to get this disease. All this is not over; a new threat is emerging worldwide and threatening India too. This threat is of the emergence of Multi drug resistance strains of tuberculosis Bacillus (MDRTB). MDRTB is more fatal as compared to the simple tuberculosis, as the chances of survival are only 50% with MDRTB. The other factor with MDRTB is that cost of therapy increases many times, which is not in the range of common Indians. Many Indians do not take the complete therapy of tuberculosis and finally became MDRTB patients. Indian government is required to take care of this matter very seriously; otherwise MDRTB will emerge as big threat for India.


Visa money transfer

Visa money transfer is a unique tool for transferring money anywhere in India. Only condition is that this money can be transferred by visa card holder to other visa card holder. Only we required to know the name of person and his 16 digit Debit or Credit card number. For availing this services there is no need for having account in same bank, intra bank transactions are possible. Consider you are living in Hyderabad and having account with ICICI bank. You want to send money to your sister who was living in Delhi and having account with HDFC bank. Both of you have debit cards of visa. Now you can go to internet banking site and put there the 16 digit debit card number of your sister and her name in visa money transfer link. Finally add the desired money in it and submit. Within two day your sister will receive the amount. This facility is available on all the visa cards. Visa charges a nominal fee of Indian Rupees 20. This facility can save lot of time of the busy Indian and very easy to use because now the whole work can be done on computer without leaving office or home. Parents can send money to their children studying in different cities. However, through this service one can not transfer money out of India; this facility is available only in India and on Indian issued cards. This facility is available in India for more than one year but still very few people are using it. This all may be due to unawareness or less penetration of internet and computers. Hope more people will use this service in near future and benefit from it.


Why not legalize begging?

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India is a country which is worst hit with the begging traditions. Here in every part of India one can find beggars. The amazing fact is that many beggars are professional beggars and many of them are involved with criminals. All this is causing a lot of threat to India. As India is progressing in world map, this menace is simultaneously rising. I have an experience with a beggar who was walking with very difficultly, my heart got melt on his pathetic situation and I gave him few rupees. But to my surprise, he started walking perfectly when I turned my face to other side. In many big cities in India beggars are much organized and do their work with lot of planning. Some beggars have gone inhuman to extreme extent. According to this trend, beggars especially woman make their children unconscious by giving them some unconscious causing drugs and then beg from the people for their recovery and taking them to hospital. The other side of this story is that often these children are not their own, they were either purchased from poor families or kidnapped from different places of India. Many of these children die or lose their mental balance due to this regular poisoning. The shameful thing is that our government is eye closed on all this. Some of these beggars beg in the morning and do robberies in the night. It is not good to blame them alone, as a society we all are responsible for this. Therefore I believe we should legalize begging to put some control on these beggars. By maintaining their records, we can put eye on them and manage their activities. In this way, we can save many innocent children from dyeing and coming in to this menace.

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Love is the most beautiful experience on this earth and those people who receive or give it are fortunate ones. Remaining in love is like to be in a state of bless, that’s why so many people hound for love. It is a difficult task to define love and if we start defining it then we will have innumerous definition available to us. It is not important to define love but more important is how we feel in it. It is very difficult to search a person who has never given or received love. As we grow, we start our life with receiving love of mother and with passage of time we get the love of friends, society and from lover. Some people may miss some of the forms of love but it is impossible to lose all of them. Moreover giving love is in our hands. The problem with most of us is that we believe in receiving love more but not giving it to others. If we can understand these simple notions that love is true in its both forms and giving love gives far more satisfaction as compared to receiving it then we can easily make this world a love destination. When love emerges in atmosphere then nobody will be able to fight with anybody, no terrorists will be there and no religion will hate the other religion. However, unfortunately we all are far away from love. Even there are people in this world who are not even able to receive love. All the saints, scriptures and religions have given the message of love. Love is defined as the purest form of emotion; therefore it is very difficult to construct a healthy life without love.


How difficult it is to handle a stagnant person?

Stagnant person is a person who has stopped growing intellectually with his age. These kinds of people create a shell around them. They create their own values and systems. They justify their failures by creating false images about them selves. They become highly ego centric and do not take care about the points of others. They sometimes become highly selfish and think about their own welfare only. There thinking got narrowed down due to their limited knowledge. They may take short sighted decisions which may be disastrous in long run. If we make these kinds of people our leaders then we are going to suffer very hardly. These people find very difficulty in working in a group because they put their own benefits much ahead to the group. They will always try to justify their decision and to force their decision on the group. They believe that they are the best and others are just below level. We all may find these kinds of people around us, in our offices, houses, school, and college or in public. These kind of stagnancy occur due to remaining in a single job for long time, continues failures, broken relation or childhood bad experiences. These people are not bad, what they do not know what they are doing? There intellectual have stopped working. It is difficult to handle or work with them because they did not listen to others. They sometime may be very clever in defaming others or spoiling your relations with other, therefore these kinds of people must be taken care of with lot of caution.


Mind Games

Our mind plays lot of games with us. Due to its amazing powers, it makes us to believe on many things. Feeling like happiness, depression, anxiety and fear, all have their origin in the mind. Many times, we may have felt that we were feeling normal, however we suddenly starts feeling nervous. Our confidence level varies suddenly, for one moment we are confident and for second moment we are not. Why so many variations in thought process are there? We mostly feel that all these variations have cause in situations and in that particular time. However most of them are due to our mind, that’s why some people are confident in one situation and other are not. By conditioning and by changing the preset norms of mind, we can control our 90% of behavior. If we can assure our mind that we are confident then we will definitely become confident. We can not control the outer situations; therefore it is always better to make our mind more stable to situations out there. We can condition our mind to respond properly and to show confidence in difficult situations. We can see the example of chanting mantras by old saints, this is a unique way to condition mind towards god and removing its attention from world. Mind is the super computer of body and by providing it with better software we can increase its efficacy. Most important thing in the development of mind is to make it think but you want it to think. For the development of mind one can use chanting not only mantra but anything which you want to be yourself. If anybody who chants, I am confident, will surely develop in confident, however only chanting is not enough we have to trust what we chant. Meditation can work wonders; in meditation we can make our mind to think we are fearless. There are many books available in the market, which can help. Although all this is not easy, but if followed with consistency and hard work can lead to wonderful results.


A secret to success

Based on the facts written in different books and by listening to the thoughts of various eminent world leaders and gurus, and finally adding few of my experiences, I have derived this secret to success. This secret can show people a definite way to achieve their goals. This small paragraph is equivalent in wisdom of what is provided by large books, scriptures and by disclosures of saints. I found it useful for my self; therefore I am sharing it with others. Those who find truth in it can use it and those who doesn’t agree with it, should forget it.

“People who are successful in life have clear goals about their success. Their goal setting is the most important element in getting success by them. Without having clear goals we can not achieve success. Therefore first thing is to have clear goals. Further many people have goal what very few are able to achieve them because their goals are not time bound. To create a discipline in goals one is required to time bound them, otherwise they have no meaning. Second important thing is to time bound the goals. Now time bounding of goals is a catch again. How much time we should give to our self? About the time what I have derived is that it should be the least enough time or if possible an impossibly less time. What we require more, a goal is there and it is time bounded also to least available time. Now tell everybody about your goal especially to the person from whom you fear of humiliation if your goal fails. Now take the goal, trust yourself and trust the almighty. Trust should be solid like a stone. Now work day and night having complete faith in yourself.”

Few question like why impossible time, consider if we think of achieving a goal in three years then give yourself time of three months. Question is not that we will complete it in three month or not, however we will be definitely able to achieve it in six month a fairly less enough time. Second question about telling other is like creating watch dogs, they all will go on reminding about your goals and the fear of humiliation can make you achieve impossible.


An eccentric Love story of Benny

An eccentric Love story of Benny
Benny was a mid-aged unmarried man. He lived with his mother in an apartment in Mumbai. People say about Benny that he was an eccentric person. Benny usually remained busy in his own life and very less interacts with other. Benny was doing a small accountant job in mill. Benny’s life usually involve the distance from home to mill and back from mill to home. He rarely goes to visit others places. He can be seen reading newspapers all the time in his balcony. Love, this word has nothing to do with Benny. Benny does not know what love is and how he can get it? So, he had stopped thinking about it. One day he decided to go to beach with his mother. When both mother and son were traveling around the beach, they say a child drowning in the sea. Benny jumped into the sea and saved the life of child. The child was a student of deaf school. Her teacher marry ran towards them and thanked Benny for saving the life of child. Marry invited benny to the school to interact with deaf children. After few day benny again met with marry in a bus. Now benny becomes a frequent visitor to the school to interact with the children. Benny started liking the company of marry, who was a divorced woman. These were new kind of feelings for benny which he had not experienced earlier. His mother also liked marry, so he told benny to purpose her for marriage. Benny did the same thing and told his feelings to marry. Marry felt good but she has some worries on her face. She told benny that she also loves him but she can not marry him as she was having AIDS. She told that she got AIDS from her late husband. Benny shocked for few seconds but he remained firm on his decision. He requested marry a lot to marry him not for a physical relation but for a true relation based on feeling. Through his eccentric nature he was finally able convince marry for marriage. Really a great eccentric love is it or not.


Osho-A Legend

Osho is a God or a Philosopher or a Guide or a Motivator or a Psychologist or a Friend. Answer to this is, he is all. He was described as the modern Guru, who is much ahead of his time. This is true from his way of disclosers. He has more followers abroad as compared to Indian. Most of his followers are from the high class and are highly educated. He doesn’t have much fellowship in lower class, because he does not do any miracles. He doesn’t says us to follow anybody or him. He himself is a highly educated person. His theory about world and God are totally revolutionary. He is one of ever known revolutionary of his time. He tried to revolutionized the whole system of religions. He is boldest person ever lived on the earth. He challenged many kind of myths associated with religion. He doesn’t says us follow anybody or him. He is not in favor of most of religions and their conditioning to us. According to him, we are not what we should we. But we are the reflection of our parents, societies and religions. Our mind is totally conditioned to follow some particular alternative. We are imprisoned in to our minds. Mind is directing our all process. We are in the control of our mind. According to him we should not we slave of our mind, but mind should we slave of us. To achieve this we should first uncondition ourselves from the past. He says us to not suppress anything, but express it fully. Do it to the extent that it never arises again. Therefore he is in the favor of open sex. He is only guru who compared sex with the meditation. He is the first to talked about the sex.
He is master of psychology. It is clear from his theories. His meditation methods are masterpiece of time. He has the talent of making simple breathing in to a meditation. He is very bold in introducing new ideas. His techniques has done revolution to lot of persons. According to him we should be like a child. I totally unconditioned specie on earth. He told us to forget everything and become like child again. He told us to follow our inner self. Live the life to utmost. Creating and breaking our own rules. Thus discover what we are.
Present tense is used , as he is still alive in his sayings, meditations and theories.


Osho Rajnesh- an open thinker

My life is greatly influenced by Osho Rajnesh. According me, he was a dynamic and deep thinking person. The ways shown by him are still guiding hundred of people around the world. Even after his death, many people are getting helped through his written books and video seasons. He was an extraordinary person who can see the laughter inside a grief. According to him life is for enjoyment but however very few people are able to do this. His disclosers are more near to the thinking of a common man. However, it is difficult to understand him if we approach him through orthodox points. He never preached any religion, according to him this whole nature is a religion it self. He had mostly emphasized on the living a playful life, a life which we enjoy where every moment is bless. He has showed to us many ways to reduce our stresses and tensions from daily life. His meditation techniques are very simple but still can produce extraordinary results. One can say him the master of mind. He has always emphasized on coming out of the control of mind. He was the only leader of his time who has put forward his point of views so openly and boldly. His all the arguments are scientifically based, therefore he was more popular among educated class. He did not do magic’s, however he was magical in himself. One can enrich his or her life by going through his sayings. Books written by Osho are easily available on the bookstore and even on net.


Reliance to offer huge jobs in India

As par the last reports, reliance is going to add 600000 jobs in India. Certainly this will be a big boom for Indian youth, who will now have more choice to choose from. Reliance which earlier became the first company of India to generate 1 billion net profits is poised to strengthen further. Even after the separation of two Ambani brothers, people have lot of hope from Reliance. India still needs many new jobs to be created because still there are lots of jobless people in India. Reliance is going to add all these jobs through its two ventures; one is through it’s refinery at Jamnagar (India’s first private refinery) and second by opening chains of reliance consumer outlets stores across India (a huge mega Rupees 250 billion project, biggest ever retail project in India). Both these projects are mega in terms of investment and involvements. Jobs will be created all cross the board; from a post graduate to an illiterate everyone will get a job. After IT industry which offers huge option for Indian, this is other major option. Better thing about the reliance offer is that it is open to more number of people where as IT jobs are available to only engineers and graduates. With this offer many Indian can think of fulfilling their dreams.

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