Multi Drug Resistance Tuberculosis

Like the other parts of world tuberculosis is one the biggest killer of people in India. Many people die every year due to tuberculosis. Indian government has initiated some effort to control it like free medicine to tuberculosis patients, free tuberculosis specific clinics. However, all this has remained failed due to non follow up and non completions of therapy. Many Indians live in small houses, where lot of people live together, making the chances of other people getting infected with tuberculosis. Awareness label is the other problem with Indian’s, people are not aware about the severity of disease and what precaution should be taken to stop spreading this disease. Mostly, if one member of the family suffers from tuberculosis in these families then 90% of the other family members are also going to get this disease. All this is not over; a new threat is emerging worldwide and threatening India too. This threat is of the emergence of Multi drug resistance strains of tuberculosis Bacillus (MDRTB). MDRTB is more fatal as compared to the simple tuberculosis, as the chances of survival are only 50% with MDRTB. The other factor with MDRTB is that cost of therapy increases many times, which is not in the range of common Indians. Many Indians do not take the complete therapy of tuberculosis and finally became MDRTB patients. Indian government is required to take care of this matter very seriously; otherwise MDRTB will emerge as big threat for India.
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