A secret to success

Based on the facts written in different books and by listening to the thoughts of various eminent world leaders and gurus, and finally adding few of my experiences, I have derived this secret to success. This secret can show people a definite way to achieve their goals. This small paragraph is equivalent in wisdom of what is provided by large books, scriptures and by disclosures of saints. I found it useful for my self; therefore I am sharing it with others. Those who find truth in it can use it and those who doesn’t agree with it, should forget it.

“People who are successful in life have clear goals about their success. Their goal setting is the most important element in getting success by them. Without having clear goals we can not achieve success. Therefore first thing is to have clear goals. Further many people have goal what very few are able to achieve them because their goals are not time bound. To create a discipline in goals one is required to time bound them, otherwise they have no meaning. Second important thing is to time bound the goals. Now time bounding of goals is a catch again. How much time we should give to our self? About the time what I have derived is that it should be the least enough time or if possible an impossibly less time. What we require more, a goal is there and it is time bounded also to least available time. Now tell everybody about your goal especially to the person from whom you fear of humiliation if your goal fails. Now take the goal, trust yourself and trust the almighty. Trust should be solid like a stone. Now work day and night having complete faith in yourself.”

Few question like why impossible time, consider if we think of achieving a goal in three years then give yourself time of three months. Question is not that we will complete it in three month or not, however we will be definitely able to achieve it in six month a fairly less enough time. Second question about telling other is like creating watch dogs, they all will go on reminding about your goals and the fear of humiliation can make you achieve impossible.

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