Mumbai thrills again

Not more than a week of heavy rain, Mumbai thrilled again, this time with the cowardly act of few insane people. Mumbai seen 8 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai local trains, supposed to be the heart of Mumbai transport. Most of the bombs exploded when trains were to just arrive on the station. Police suspects that some remote control device must be used in carrying out these blasts. More that 200 people were dead and more than thousand were injured. Whole of the world have condemned this cowardly act. Mumbai and Delhi always remain in the target list of terrorists. However this time the blasts were of high intensity and caused lot of damage. This time no terrorist outfit is taking the responsibility of it. Mumbai can be termed as the financial capital of India and therefore by striking here terrorists have tried to terrify Indians. Behind all this may be who ever, but the main concern is the life of people who have died and that can not be restored at any cost. Many people will be now handicapped for their whole life due to these cowards. Some people who have either died or become handicap are the sole bread earners for their family. These coward terrorists do not know that by doing all this they can never achieve there goals. Today’s terrorists have much wider nexus and they are highly professional, all this make very difficult situations for ordinary people who suffer the most.
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