Rain harvesting- An Ancient Technique of Water Storage

In last article , I have also discussed about it. Currently in India, it is monsoon season which brings lot of rain. Many places will get flooded with overflowing water and normal life gets to a halt. In India we face lot of water shortage; therefore, if we can utilize this water in a proper manner then we can easily come out of water shortage problem, which is worsening with each passing year. Rain harvesting provides a good alternative to achieve all this. 

Indians are using it from the ancient times but today, we have lost our touch with it old technique of water storage and saving. In rain harvesting, rain water is allowed to flow in to tanks, pounds or wells made inside the home, office or other places. All this allows collection of rain water these tanks. All these tanks are made in specific way that they work as natural filters of water. The main impurities and mud gets cleaned away through the porous layers. 

This technology is not only useful in collecting water but it also useful in increasing the ground water level. There are lots of examples of rain harvesting system present in ancient buildings where even not a single drop of water gets wasted. Today, this technique can easily solve problem of water shortage present in many parts of India; therefore, it is important for government of India to work in direction to make rain harvesting an important part of our lifestyle. With the availability of such great technique to save water, how we can allow this precious water to follow and then finally suffers with droughts. 

Rain harvesting can make people self sufficient in water. Rain harvesting requires a small and single time investment, further it require very less maintenance. Many Indian state governments have already encouraged rain harvesting and they are providing funds for it e.g. Delhi government, HP Government. People can use this technique to reap major benefits in future.
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