Real condition of woman in this world

Recently I read a story in the newspaper “The Hindu”, in which a Pakistani Muslim woman given an application to meet her 80 year old Sikh mother living in India. The story goes back to the time of partition when many Indian women remained in Pakistani side and many Pakistani women in Indian side. However many of them were sent back to there respective countries, but all were not fortunate enough. Some got married to the people of other caste and remained in that country. In the above story her mother got married to a Muslim man and gave birth to her. After few years her mother returned to India but she remained on the other side. Nearly after 60 years of partition she has hope to see her mother, thanks to the initiatives of government of Kashmir, India and Pakistan. The newspaper has also given lot of other examples. This is the story of Kashmir where few women are involved, now what about Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Philistine or Afghanistan. There will be enormous number of women who are suffering. Even situations in developing and developed nations are not fine. Every day many women are raped or killed in United States of America, anyway a most secure nation in world. In India, everyday lots of woman are burned alive or raped. Women have become a thing of common use and exploitation. In many parts of the world and even in some religions, women are treated like the objects of usage. Even very few males are ready to give equal right to women in choosing there paths. Women are not safe in even there homes, many small girls goes through sexual misbehavior from their relatives or from any male. All this make the real condition of woman in world really of concern and requires a lot of improvement.
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