Shampoo massage

I am sharing with you one of the way to utilize shampoos to their maximum potential. Many people may already know this concept or may be using it regularly, however for those who do not know it, this is a good learning. Mostly all of us use shampoo twice or thrice a week. Shampoos are useful in cleaning, darkening and strengthening of our hairs. But many of us do not use them properly. We just apply them and then with in minute rinse them. Due to this, shampoos are not able to produce their desired effect on our hair. First and most important thing is to choice a shampoo wisely, a shampoo must be suitable to hair and the head skin because if we do not choice our shampoo with care then it may damage our hairs or cause skin allergies. After choosing a shampoo, the next thing is to make a schedule for its application. We must be regular and constant in using shampoos. Now while using the shampoo, first apply it on hair with slow massage so that it could reach to every part of head and hairs. Continue doing massage for two to five minutes and then leave hair as such for next five minutes. After all this finally rinse them thoroughly with water and then one may apply suitable conditioner according to the type of his or her hairs. This may look a simple exercise but can help us significantly in growing good hairs.
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