Behavior Problem- Dominant Character

There are many people around us, who behave in dominant ways. They try to dominant all the activities and behave as if they are the best judge or doer of things. They never allow anybody to question there authority, wisdom or intelligence. They want that they should have the say in all the things and every one should listen to them unquestioned. For example, if you are giving some advice to a dominant character in coming out of a problem then he will not consider your advice rather he will question your authority to give him advice. These kinds of people are difficult to handle. They are comfortable only with people, who are submissive towards them. They want to give everybody some advice even if you’re not interested in their advice. Dominant characters found it very difficult to adjust in groups where other dominant characters are present. Dominant characters are the major culprits behinds the failure of meetings, marriages, relations, friendships and even society objectives. They want to run the whole world in their own way, not considering how others would want all these things. Dominant characters are not only dangerous for others and society, but they are dangerous for even themselves. When these kind of characters run into some kind of difficulty then they try to solve it themselves and sometimes even complicate the whole process. They never take others and their advice seriously. This makes their life less suitable for improvements. Dominant character to some extent is present in every individual, however the extent vary. As a balanced character, it is good to use dominant character sometimes but dominating all the time is a bad move and may spoil our whole life.


  1. Oh yeah, I can understand this very well. I gave such a person a miss and
    now he keeps insulting and blaming me. He has little respect for my decision and really hates me now.

    Such people believe that they are conventional and the yardstick of everything. They believe that they have the right to raise their voice and frighten people when they "misbehave".

    Thanks for the post.

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