Grenade Rain

Do you want to enjoy the rain of grenades? Explosions and explosions every where, then come to Srinagar, capital of Indian state Jammu & Kashmir. Here one can get the live excitement of grenade attack. You may be walking on the road and suddenly a grenade will explode near you. You will find many people and yourself running for safety. Those who are near to grenade attack will not be fortunate enough to run. Some will die there at the spot and others may be wounded. All this will be live and no artificial effect will be in it. Srinagar at an average receives a grenade attack every alternative day. Initially terrorists (coward men) attack grenades only on army men, but however now they even targeting local people. All this may be attributed to the frustration of these coward men. This is tragic part of story what is happening in Srinagar, a land which is know as god’s land is burning with fire and with death of innocents. Do these innocent people have no right to move on the road? Does the life of these people have no value? Who will tell these coward people about this? Those who claim to be the fighters of god can do this injustice. I have no answers because my small mind doesn’t show me any reason for these cowardly acts.
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