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Why to invest in silver and gold?

Everyone can remember the time when he was able to buy four gallons of gas in 1 dollar. At that time gas was used to cost 25 cents only. However today we are not able to purchase the same four gallon of gas in 1 dollar, but even today there is available some thing known as real money which can buy the same gas today which it could by years back and i.e. silver. All this tells us that the real money like gold and silver hold there value where as the green paper money loses its value with time. When you think deeply, you will find that it is not the price of food and other items which has increased but this green money has lost its value with time. When people think that the things have become expensive then they can be told wrong because it is actually the value of US dollar which has gone down. Financial experts have always stressed for a diversified portfolio, with 10-20% investment in gold, silver or other precious items. However the unclear political stability and volatility in market makes it wiser to invest in silver and gold. For buying silver and gold one can consider Monex which has the experience, expertise and resources provide the best deal. Monex has done billion of dollars of business in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Monex is trusted name since 1967. All this make Monex an oldest, reliable and most experienced name in purchasing precious metals for individual needs. For many of us silver coins offer an attractive and economical way to invest. So enjoy seeing your money retaining its value.


  1. Purchasing silver and gold is a good idea. I use precious metals as sort of an insurance policy. I buy and hold with the expectation of having them when I need it. I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    The speculators who sell, when they make a dime, or lose a quarter, have got it all wrong. To profit from an investment one must hold onto it.

    I am very fond of Silver, and I believe it will become more valuable over time. You are correct when you say the dollar is worth less. This means that my silver is not worth much more than when I bought it, in real dollar terms. Silver will, however, become very valuable, when the dollar has no value at all.

    I also believe that Silver will be the "Savior" of the 21st century because it will save a lot of lives through it's medicinal properties. Using silver flatware and drinking vessels will prevent the ingestion of bacteria which can cause disease.

    The scientific community is focusing on 'Nano Technology' thinking, that this is the answer to unlocking silver's magical properties. In reality, a nano is defined as "a billionth of something". So, you can ingest the medicinal silver, by using eating utensils which are silver plated. using my theory the utensils will release many "Nanos" through normal wear and tear as the plating deteriorates. This is how you can protect yourself from the bird flu and other serious problems.

    If you wait for science to save you by selling you measurable "Nanos" you might be dead before they can be of any help


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