Living with nature

Today, I got the chance to relax in the lawn outside my room. It was a blessing in disgust. As, a developing country, many states in India experience sever shortage of light in summers. In power cut, I have no choice but to go outside and sit on the grass. It was really an amazing experience for me, when I slept on the green grass, small grass started giving me a pinching affect same like aqua puncture. I was in the open sky after a long time. I have forgotten about the nature and its beauty. Even in sizzling heat, I was much comfortable under the shadow of a medium sized tree. Cool breeze was blowing from all sides. For few minutes, I thought how unfortunate I was to miss all this. I have forgotten about nature in my day to day busy life. Cities are becoming more and more concrete houses only. Pollution, noise and running people here and there is a reality. Whereas on the other hand nature is so cool and full of energy. Nature is so calm and relaxing that it looks nature is doing some meditation. In today’s world, we are becoming more and more away from nature. There are some people who are fortunate enough to have big house with surrounding gardens but unfortunately they have no time to enjoy them. Even the story of public parks and gardens is same; we can only mostly see children and old people wondering here. I have only one question, how we can alienate nature when nature is so beautiful. I therefore request you all to enjoy nature and help it to grow.
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