Health, Technology, Society and we

Health is the one of biggest asset on this world. One can not afford to lose it. Good health is necessary to enjoy the pleasures of this world. However due to the fast activities of this world our health is getting compromised many times. Tensions have become a frequent part of our life. More the technology getting advanced more we are becoming busy. Take the example of mobile phones, does it not increasing our tension level. Now we have no time to run and settle our self before facing the world. With fast communication people can put watch on us; these may be our friends, wife, boss or relatives. People have become so much addicted with mobile phones that their blood pressure starts increasing when they do not receive calls. In many researches across the glove it is now proved that mobile phone rays are damaging to many parts of body if exposed for longer time. People have become so much busy that they have no time for physical exercise. They are working day and night for coming out of their fears but their fears are still increasing. This busyness and advancement of world have lead to so much of mental and health problem which are difficult to diagnose and treat. All this will only lead to increase in the cost of heath care. The major problem which is emerging out is of mental disorders which are making more and more people its victims. Does, this is all which we want from our society, a society which is still governed by the laws of animal age or we want to grow and make a healthy and strong society. It is very difficult to give answer to this simple question because we as society are indulged in our own welfare and do not consider for others.
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