How difficult it is to handle a stagnant person?

Stagnant person is a person who has stopped growing intellectually with his age. These kinds of people create a shell around them. They create their own values and systems. They justify their failures by creating false images about them selves. They become highly ego centric and do not take care about the points of others. They sometimes become highly selfish and think about their own welfare only. There thinking got narrowed down due to their limited knowledge. They may take short sighted decisions which may be disastrous in long run. If we make these kinds of people our leaders then we are going to suffer very hardly. These people find very difficulty in working in a group because they put their own benefits much ahead to the group. They will always try to justify their decision and to force their decision on the group. They believe that they are the best and others are just below level. We all may find these kinds of people around us, in our offices, houses, school, and college or in public. These kind of stagnancy occur due to remaining in a single job for long time, continues failures, broken relation or childhood bad experiences. These people are not bad, what they do not know what they are doing? There intellectual have stopped working. It is difficult to handle or work with them because they did not listen to others. They sometime may be very clever in defaming others or spoiling your relations with other, therefore these kinds of people must be taken care of with lot of caution.
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