Basic right to corruption

Many people grow in their life by using lot of wrong ways. They justify their cheating with money security and good life for their family. Today there are many of people who are ready to sell their honesty for few rupees. This culture can be very well seen in India, a country which has a proud name among the most corrupt nations of world. For this India does not need any certificate because every common Indian know it by heart.

We are a country where politicians can make money from the coffins of worries those died defending their country at border. In India people want to join government services not to serve the nation but to earn money through corruption. There are many examples of corrupt officers of Indian government those who have made enormous properties many times more than the salary earned by them through out their job.

When world say that we are a poor nation then they are mistaking us, because India will top in black money. Here every thing can be done with corruption. Medicine to food every thing first goes through the hands of corrupt people and then reaches to common man. Indian common man is the worst victim of corruption. Privatizations process of 1990’s have provided some hope, but the big Indian private companies are also not away from corruption.
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