Mumbai-it is raining again

Indian financial hub Mumbai is again in news for the same reason which has killed thousands of people last year. Mumbai is raining again, rain is much more than the expected rain. Streets and rail tracks are again filled with water. Many people are being evacuated from low-level areas because the government did not want to repeat the last year incidents again. This is the only fifth day of rain and Mumbai has started panicking. Why Mumbai has started facing this problem severely from last two years? Mumbai always gets a lot of rain but this much of noise was not there earlier. What has happened? Is it rain or some other reasons are there? Rain has some reason behind all this because there is an increase in /cm rain. However, the main reason behind all this is much deeper. According to Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the main reason behind all this is old sewerage system. This reason is true up to large extent because of increasing population of Mumbai city its sewerage system has become outdated. Mumbai city immediately needs a better sewerage system which can hold these kinds of rains. The third reason behind this is an unplanned extension of Mumbai city. Due to the shortage of land, many colonies have emerged in low line area from which water has no place to go out or very less drainage is there. When it rains heavily than most of these areas submerge in water. If Mumbai did not want to repeat the situations like last year then it has to immediately work on better and efficient drainage system and with better planning, people can be stopped from making houses in low line areas.

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