Finally Prince is out

India is progressing and it is not only progressing in infrastructure and technology but also in care for humans. In the past years, India has seen a worst time of human exploitation. Human rights have always remained on toss. Communal violence and exploitation by rich and politicians was common scene in India. But for the first time in last sixty years of independence whole of India come forward for the rescue of Prince, a small 5 year old boy who fell in a 60 feet deep and 1 feet wide well. Due to the less width, it was not possible for any adult to go inside and Prince was also week to catch and come out with rope. However today, after 60 hours of rescue operation and by the great work of army and local people, he is in the safe hands of his mother. Prince was playing when he fell in this well covered with grass. The amazing thing is that he belongs to a poor family of daily wager. Thanks to the help of strong Indian media, whole nation came in the help of Prince. Billions of prayer started for his rescue around the nation. Even the Prime Minister of India assured all kind of help for Prince. This is the first time after Kargil war, when the whole nation has come forward completely for help. Initially the local bodies of Kurukshetra city tried everything to rescue Prince but everything failed. Then the Haryana government called Indian army for help. Army showed a planned strategy and digs the nearby well up to 63 feet, from there started constructing tunnel towards the position of Prince and finally rescued him. I am happy that these entire incidences show the concerns of people towards each other and how we have started caring for an even small 5 year old poor child.
Photo diagram of Rescue

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