Behavior Problem- Identity Conflict

One of the major problems with today’s generation is identity conflicts. With the fast growing technology and advancements in human life style, people are finding them selves under lot of pressure to perform activities which they do not like. These activities may involve our job or any work in society or home. As an individual grow in his life, he make some psychological barriers or assumption for him self. He wants to live his life in those fields only. Moreover these barriers and assumptions are motivated by the basic instinct of the person. Like some one may like to become a writer or painter, however due to the pressure of life he may have chosen some other kind of activity which is against his nature and assumptions. As the time pass, the basic nature of person starts dying and finally one day he become a person who has basic nature set by others for him. All this leads to identity conflicts in a person, a question starts emerging in the minds of a person that whether he is really alive or not? When person compares himself with himself of few years back then he saws total change in his personality. He has become a person of many masks on his face and now he is not even able to remove those masks because they have become a permanent part of him. Is this all he wanted to his life be? No, never, but what he can do? He has lost all the control over his life. This is the story of many people around us, who starts their life with identity search but finally land on various identity conflicts. Now a million dollar question is that whether any body can come out of identity conflicts? Yes, we all can come out of them, only we need to make strong contributions towards our real basic nature and make it so strong that it comes out of the control of world.
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