Flower Lover

Flowers are the most beautiful creatures of God. There will be hardly any person in this world who would not like flowers. I remember, my days of childhood when I wait eagerly for the blossom of roses in our small garden. My father always worked hard to stay these rose plants in healthy condition. Sometimes I also enjoyed helping him, but one thing is certain that I like these flower to blossom. There are many varieties of flowers which are available today. Flowers have very important role in our festivals and rituals. In India it is a custom to serve flowers to God and to use them in decorations. There fragrance and beauty have the power to make the experiences more enjoyable. Today there are lots of kinds of flower arrangements available in market. These flowers decorations are available in many tastes and price bands. If you can pay more then you can choose expensive ones, like Superstar Elton John, who does not like greenery much (as reported by an Irish website). This millionaire popstar has spent a more than £10,000 (€14,493) a month on flowers. Only problem with superstar is that he can not tolerate green in his flowers. He does not like to see green in the red and white floral arrangements adorning his dressing room. He is known to be little bit fussy with his flowers but he can afford to be fussy because he can pay for all this. He usually wants his arrangements should not contain flowers like carnations, chrysanthemums, daisies, or lilies which he does not like. He is also known for his love for flowers, on which he has spent lot. Now it the time of us, how much we love flowers? We all can also Send flowers to our loved ones and make our relations more romantic. If we also started enjoying and sending flowers then one day we may become a known flower lover like Superstar Elton John.
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