Visa money transfer

Visa money transfer is a unique tool for transferring money anywhere in India. Only condition is that this money can be transferred by visa card holder to other visa card holder. Only we required to know the name of person and his 16 digit Debit or Credit card number. For availing this services there is no need for having account in same bank, intra bank transactions are possible. Consider you are living in Hyderabad and having account with ICICI bank. You want to send money to your sister who was living in Delhi and having account with HDFC bank. Both of you have debit cards of visa. Now you can go to internet banking site and put there the 16 digit debit card number of your sister and her name in visa money transfer link. Finally add the desired money in it and submit. Within two day your sister will receive the amount. This facility is available on all the visa cards. Visa charges a nominal fee of Indian Rupees 20. This facility can save lot of time of the busy Indian and very easy to use because now the whole work can be done on computer without leaving office or home. Parents can send money to their children studying in different cities. However, through this service one can not transfer money out of India; this facility is available only in India and on Indian issued cards. This facility is available in India for more than one year but still very few people are using it. This all may be due to unawareness or less penetration of internet and computers. Hope more people will use this service in near future and benefit from it.
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