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Shares have remained the major tool of investment and getting good results. Many people have made million of dollars with shares. If a person is able to plain properly and invest in good shares then the results are bound to come. Shares offer two types of returns to there share holders, first is return through yearly dividends or second through the increase in price of shares. Earlier many people invest in shares to get a regular dividend based income. However the problem is that many big companies many times do not give dividend. All this make the investor money held in share without ant gains. But thanks to patented SmartSearchXL® technology, 24 hour customer care support and detailed education material, PowerOptions offers the all essential data to customer. Now the share investors can expect up to extra 5 to 10 % with there non dividend giving shares. Making people hold stocks worth of million of dollars and does not get anything from them because there holding companies are not paying dividend to fund acquisitions, aggressive research programs, or as rainy day reserves. However with PowerOptions it is easy to generate dividend like income from non dividend shares. Here is the catch, as most stocks offer publicly traded options, so we can use it to generate dividends. In it you make transaction with your broker for the buying and selling of stocks. You have to operate call option which gives another investor the right to buy shares from you at a price you set anytime before a certain date. Now if you will get a premium on the sale of your call just like dividend. One of the widely used strategies is "at-the-money" or "out-of-the-money" calls on your stocks (Covered Calls). If the stock does not reaches the price set by you then you retain your shares. The recommended stocks for these kinds of stocks are Microsoft (MSFT), Google (GOOG), and Ebay (EBAY). Premium returns may fluctuate but it is easy to find returns of 12% over period of 60 days, which makes 72% annual return just on stocks you already have in your portfolio. All this makes them favorable stock options. options trading. Brokerage commissions and taxes can affect small portion of your income but the overall returns are much appreciated.

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