Love is the most beautiful experience on this earth and those people who receive or give it are fortunate ones. Remaining in love is like to be in a state of bless, that’s why so many people hound for love. It is a difficult task to define love and if we start defining it then we will have innumerous definition available to us. It is not important to define love but more important is how we feel in it. It is very difficult to search a person who has never given or received love. As we grow, we start our life with receiving love of mother and with passage of time we get the love of friends, society and from lover. Some people may miss some of the forms of love but it is impossible to lose all of them. Moreover giving love is in our hands. The problem with most of us is that we believe in receiving love more but not giving it to others. If we can understand these simple notions that love is true in its both forms and giving love gives far more satisfaction as compared to receiving it then we can easily make this world a love destination. When love emerges in atmosphere then nobody will be able to fight with anybody, no terrorists will be there and no religion will hate the other religion. However, unfortunately we all are far away from love. Even there are people in this world who are not even able to receive love. All the saints, scriptures and religions have given the message of love. Love is defined as the purest form of emotion; therefore it is very difficult to construct a healthy life without love.
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