Osho-A Legend

Osho is a God or a Philosopher or a Guide or a Motivator or a Psychologist or a Friend. Answer to this is, he is all. He was described as the modern Guru, who is much ahead of his time. This is true from his way of disclosers. He has more followers abroad as compared to Indian. Most of his followers are from the high class and are highly educated. He doesn’t have much fellowship in lower class, because he does not do any miracles. He doesn’t says us to follow anybody or him. He himself is a highly educated person. His theory about world and God are totally revolutionary. He is one of ever known revolutionary of his time. He tried to revolutionized the whole system of religions. He is boldest person ever lived on the earth. He challenged many kind of myths associated with religion. He doesn’t says us follow anybody or him. He is not in favor of most of religions and their conditioning to us. According to him, we are not what we should we. But we are the reflection of our parents, societies and religions. Our mind is totally conditioned to follow some particular alternative. We are imprisoned in to our minds. Mind is directing our all process. We are in the control of our mind. According to him we should not we slave of our mind, but mind should we slave of us. To achieve this we should first uncondition ourselves from the past. He says us to not suppress anything, but express it fully. Do it to the extent that it never arises again. Therefore he is in the favor of open sex. He is only guru who compared sex with the meditation. He is the first to talked about the sex.
He is master of psychology. It is clear from his theories. His meditation methods are masterpiece of time. He has the talent of making simple breathing in to a meditation. He is very bold in introducing new ideas. His techniques has done revolution to lot of persons. According to him we should be like a child. I totally unconditioned specie on earth. He told us to forget everything and become like child again. He told us to follow our inner self. Live the life to utmost. Creating and breaking our own rules. Thus discover what we are.
Present tense is used , as he is still alive in his sayings, meditations and theories.

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