Can India and Pakistan unite again?

At this stage the answer will be obviously, a big no. We people from both sides of nations have lot of hatred towards each other. We have fought many wars with each other and a war of words always remained between the both nations. Recently for the blasts in Mumbai Indian government blamed Pakistan for its hand behind all this and same will the response of Pakistan if anything happens there. From the time of partition both the nations are trying to belittle other nation. Both the nations are involved in destructive work in other nation may be the extent of involvement varies e.g. Pakistan’s support to the Kashmiri militants. However, behind creating all this hype both the governments of India and Pakistan have lot of motives. Both the governments are able to justify their lackluster performance in human issues behind this hatred. They make people to think and remain involved in these issues so that they could not ask for productive work. Opening of road and rail links between both the nations have helped many people to interact with their counterparts in other nation. This has helped people to understand that the real problems are same on both sides. Culture and traditions are nearly same and people can be stronger if they are united. Few weak voices have started emerging from the crowd for unification. Common man of the both side have no hatred towards each other, only all of them are misguided. Yes, the religion for which both nations got divided does not cause any resistance now, in India there are more number of Muslims then the Muslims present in Pakistan. Today’s people of India have started accepting other religions. Many of the Pakistani singers and actors have got good openings in India film and TV industry. So we could hope to see a strong and wealthy Indian continent with all the people sharing their happiness with each other.
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