Respect your dog

Dog is known to be the faithful animal on this world. Dogs and man have very long relation. Dogs have always protected humans from dangers and saved the lives of many. Dogs have adjusted themselves very well in the human sphere. We also have a beautiful dog called pat. He was with us for last 15 years. We have spent a good and enjoyable time with him. It never looked to us that he does not belong to our family. I still remember playing with him when he was few years old. He was very naughty in initial day. He always encourages me to fight with him. His silly behavior makes me to laugh on him regularly. He belongs to a specific bread of upper hill dogs found in hilly regions of India. Today he fell from the bed and got himself injured. So I have to ask for a doctor. Doctor gave him an analgesic and multivitamin injection and prescribed a regular dose of pain killer. I always got filled with fear when I release that his end is near. Day by day his life is becoming more and more difficult to live. I pray god to give him power to fight his pains. He may remains in this world or not, but he will always remain in my heart. I request all the people to respect their dogs and take care of them well.
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