Osho Rajnesh- an open thinker

My life is greatly influenced by Osho Rajnesh. According me, he was a dynamic and deep thinking person. The ways shown by him are still guiding hundred of people around the world. Even after his death, many people are getting helped through his written books and video seasons. He was an extraordinary person who can see the laughter inside a grief. According to him life is for enjoyment but however very few people are able to do this. His disclosers are more near to the thinking of a common man. However, it is difficult to understand him if we approach him through orthodox points. He never preached any religion, according to him this whole nature is a religion it self. He had mostly emphasized on the living a playful life, a life which we enjoy where every moment is bless. He has showed to us many ways to reduce our stresses and tensions from daily life. His meditation techniques are very simple but still can produce extraordinary results. One can say him the master of mind. He has always emphasized on coming out of the control of mind. He was the only leader of his time who has put forward his point of views so openly and boldly. His all the arguments are scientifically based, therefore he was more popular among educated class. He did not do magic’s, however he was magical in himself. One can enrich his or her life by going through his sayings. Books written by Osho are easily available on the bookstore and even on net.

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