English is my third language

Many people regularly asked this question from me that English is my second language or not. Most of them were worried about my grammatical mistakes. Here, I am not defending myself. I have taken a serious look towards my English and decided to improve my basics. It will be a tedious work and may take months; still I am hopefully of significantly improving my English skills. My birth place is Himachal Pradesh, a hilly state of India. However, my most of education is done from Hoshiarpur, Punjab. In Punjab, the primary language is Punjabi or Gurmukhi. Therefore Punjabi has lot influence on my writing and as a person. I studied this subject rather lived for more than fifteen years. Even still, today I am very good in speaking and understanding Punjabi. The second language which I learned was obviously Hindi, national language of India. In India it is like must to understand Hindi. Both these languages are beautiful in them selves, though both of them are not used much in world map except in India. Third encounter was with English; we usually start learning it from initial years but the emphases is on grasping it rather on understanding, may be due to this reason that very few people understand it properly. I am brought up in a society where it is very hard to lesson people speaking English. Parents, friend-circle or society all were blank in English. But in recent few years the time has changed dramatically, schools have started giving more thrust on spoken and written English. Success of Indian corporate and globalization have faced people to accept English more then there local language. Good English has become a ticket to success in profession. Like others I am also forced to join this race of superiority. With completing nine months of writing, I have improved on few parameter set by myself but still have long way to go. I apologize for not being proficient in English but simultaneously determined to change the picture in coming years.

With love Arvind

Note- There exist a greater geographical disbalance in English usage and understanding in India. People from the southern states and big cities of India are more proficient in English as compared to their counterparts in other regions.

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