Decline in the sale of Bicycles

According an article published in Indian daily, the use of bicycle is on decline. Today their main customers are children. Due to the busyness of life, people are finding it hard to manage with cycle. Moreover the use of two wheelers has increased many times. All this has happened thanks to increase in earning of common Indian. Besides that there are lots of attractive loan options also available. Two wheelers manufactures are able to sell so many two wheelers in last few years which they were not able to sell in last 45 years. Improvement in road conditions has also lead to this increase in number of two wheelers. However all this is showing a sign of worry to environmental activists. This much increase in number of two wheelers can put lot of pressure on environment in the term of pollution. Today cycles are believed to own by poor and many people due to social stigma do not use them. Earlier cycle used to provide a good source of physical workout. Many rich people even enjoy riding it, but unfortunately cycles are losing their existence to stylish and more comfortable two wheelers. Only children are hope of cycle industry and major contributor in its sales. Cycle is a simple vehicle and does not require any kind of fuel. People can reach to their destinations while doing exercise. Cycles do not cause environmental problems. Still there survival is on stake. We may hope to see the cycle industry back on track and many and many people using it.
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