Correlation between diamond, graphite and group

Diamond is a unique gift of nature. Hardly there will be any one, who will not endorse its beauty? That is the reason; why diamonds are costliest thing on this earth? Moreover from beauty and price diamond has lot of things to tell us. Both diamond and graphite both have nearly same structure but one is hard and beautiful, whereas other is soft and black. Diamond is even shining in the dark, whereas graphite is hiding in darkness. Why diamond is so fortunate enough to have this privilege. The reason can be derived from the structure of diamond, in diamond all the carbon molecules are strongly bond giving it a hardest structure on earth. On the other hand, in graphite all the carbon molecules are loosely bond and therefore making it weak. These properties of diamond and graphite can used to form a strong group. If all the members of group are strongly bound then definitely the group will be strong and it will out shine among other groups. Where as the group which has less bound among members will break even with a single strike of hammer. We all can learn the lessons told by diamond and graphite and get their help in forming strong and shinning groups.
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