Why not legalize begging?

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India is a country which is worst hit with the begging traditions. Here in every part of India one can find beggars. The amazing fact is that many beggars are professional beggars and many of them are involved with criminals. All this is causing a lot of threat to India. As India is progressing in world map, this menace is simultaneously rising. I have an experience with a beggar who was walking with very difficultly, my heart got melt on his pathetic situation and I gave him few rupees. But to my surprise, he started walking perfectly when I turned my face to other side. In many big cities in India beggars are much organized and do their work with lot of planning. Some beggars have gone inhuman to extreme extent. According to this trend, beggars especially woman make their children unconscious by giving them some unconscious causing drugs and then beg from the people for their recovery and taking them to hospital. The other side of this story is that often these children are not their own, they were either purchased from poor families or kidnapped from different places of India. Many of these children die or lose their mental balance due to this regular poisoning. The shameful thing is that our government is eye closed on all this. Some of these beggars beg in the morning and do robberies in the night. It is not good to blame them alone, as a society we all are responsible for this. Therefore I believe we should legalize begging to put some control on these beggars. By maintaining their records, we can put eye on them and manage their activities. In this way, we can save many innocent children from dyeing and coming in to this menace.

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