Do we fight for others?

99% of people do not fight for other. There are hardly 1% of the people which fight for others because fighting for others requires a lot of guts and coming up of our own selfish needs. I do not say that others do not have guts but due to our selfish nature we have no time to think about others. We are highly busy in chasing our dreams and ready to use any right or wrong way to get it. I have seen many people who are very successful in their lives, but however they have achieved all this by cheating others and themselves. These people never realize that what they are going to miss in long run. Things achieved with wrong deeds will never be going to make us happy. But who cares, we all are busy in chasing our dreams even by crushing the dreams of others. Now if we all are so busy then how we could fight for others? Fighting for others requires coming up of our own selfish needs. Some may blame that this world is selfish then how they can not be selfish. This is the real art which is shown by few of the saints like Swami Vivekananda and Guru Gobind Singh. Life of people like Swami Vivekananda and Guru Gobind Singh are a clear example of performing of pure selfless service to world. Even we can make this world a more livable place for others by fighting for our self, there are many example of people who even do not fight against the atrocities done on them. In this situation from whom we expect to fight for others.


  1. great article Arvind...
    It really inspiring one...

  2. thanks for encouragement.

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