Mind Games

Our mind plays lot of games with us. Due to its amazing powers, it makes us to believe on many things. Feeling like happiness, depression, anxiety and fear, all have their origin in the mind. Many times, we may have felt that we were feeling normal, however we suddenly starts feeling nervous. Our confidence level varies suddenly, for one moment we are confident and for second moment we are not. Why so many variations in thought process are there? We mostly feel that all these variations have cause in situations and in that particular time. However most of them are due to our mind, that’s why some people are confident in one situation and other are not. By conditioning and by changing the preset norms of mind, we can control our 90% of behavior. If we can assure our mind that we are confident then we will definitely become confident. We can not control the outer situations; therefore it is always better to make our mind more stable to situations out there. We can condition our mind to respond properly and to show confidence in difficult situations. We can see the example of chanting mantras by old saints, this is a unique way to condition mind towards god and removing its attention from world. Mind is the super computer of body and by providing it with better software we can increase its efficacy. Most important thing in the development of mind is to make it think but you want it to think. For the development of mind one can use chanting not only mantra but anything which you want to be yourself. If anybody who chants, I am confident, will surely develop in confident, however only chanting is not enough we have to trust what we chant. Meditation can work wonders; in meditation we can make our mind to think we are fearless. There are many books available in the market, which can help. Although all this is not easy, but if followed with consistency and hard work can lead to wonderful results.

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