Can we trust the search engine results?

Today search engines are the major source of information on net. Billion’s of people depend on them everyday for billion’s of searches. Without search engines it is really hard to search required information on net. If we start searching manually then it may take years for us to get the desired results. Search engines are not only for our service; however they are doing billion’s of dollar business. Google the most famous search engine have got lot of success only due the earnings from various search engine activities. Search engines rate the particular site with incoming links attached to that site, more the inward links more will the rating of site. For example Google gives rating on the scale of 1 to 10 to the site. The rating is given while considering the contents, key words and links. More rating insures more results for that site on the top of search engine result. A higher rating may result into thousand of visitors per day on that site. The first major fraud which is going on is key word optimization, there are many dummy sites made on the net every day which are rich in key words but lack in required information. Second major fraud is fake links. Today there are many free software’s available on the net which can create thousand of key word rich sites with thousand of links. All this makes lot of unreliable sites to come up in rating and spoil search results. Search engines like Google and Yahoo have developed software which can catch these sites and ban them from showing in search results. However these sites are so large in number that it is very difficult to stop them. The third point is that the entire search engines are made to earn money therefore all the search engines gives special attention or highlight screening of site which pay them. The problem is that many of these sites are misleading and made only for making money. All the above factors make search engine results under scan. Still we have to depend upon them till we are able to get better options.
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