Sari- An ethnic women wear

Sari is one of many traditional women wears of Indian women. Sari is a piece of fabric; which is 5-6 yards in length. Amazing thing about Sari is that there are no stitches in a sari. Sari is wrapped around the waist by a woman. It is worn over a choli and an underskirt (also known as petticoat). It consists of a length of cotton, silk, or other material.

How to wear a Indian Sari? (Video tutorial)

In India, sari has also remained a leading women wear; not only for special occasions, but also in daily life. According to one estimate, 75% women in India wear Sari. In many traditions in India, it is custom to wear only sari after marriage. Overall, sari is famous in whole India; however Sari wearing style differs from place to place. Usage of sari by women in India can be linked back to ancient times, though the style of wearing it has changed with time.

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It is very difficult to find a single woman in India; who does not have a sari in her possession. Popularity of sari can be judged from this point; that it is still main worn wear by women on special occasions. Sari comes in different price ranges; and sari price can range from 2$ to 1000$. Sari comes in different varieties, and some different varieties are Kanjeevaram, Konrad, Banarasi, Kota Doria, Baluchari etc.

Different varieties of Sari have difference of making and material used in them. Its popularity has not decreased; despite being used for so long. Recently many Hollywood actresses have also admired it. Though, sari is a simple plain cloth; however it has power to increase beauty of women many times. There is a common saying in India; that every woman looks beautiful in sari.

However, a concern has started coming on the surface; that new generation of modern women finds it difficult to continue with this ethnic wear; because it reduces speed of walking and it is difficult to manage. One thing is certain; that sari is going to survive in all odds, because it has power to enhance the beauty of a woman; which no other cloth on this earth has.

Learn about different Styles of Sari Wearing (Video Tutorials)
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