Indian origin online thief

Recently, lots of Indians have shown their potential to the world. Due to this Indian are now regarded as the experts of their field. Today Indians are holding many top positions across the globe. Many Indian have joined the list of top 100 rich person of world. In between all of this, an Indian origin thief is making news these days. His name is Shiva Brent Sharma. Sharma is only 22 years old, however by the way of identity stealing Sharma has earned more then $150000 and lot of merchandise. By the age of 20, Sharma had developed some ways to get the information of stolen credit card accounts. He uses this information to purchase online or transfer money into his account. Sharma is a highly internet savvy boy and has achieved lot of mastery in identity theft. According to him he has learned all these skills from internet only. Sharma from earlier age has joined many of the groups which discuss the issues of identity theft. Through which he gathered lot of information which was enough for stealing identities. I will not admire this act of Sharma and accept from Indians to restrain from all these kind of activities. Otherwise it will ruin the image good and honest Indians. People can learn from the life of Sharma that end of short cuts is always bad. Source- NYT News Service
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