Marinda Bypass- A political sandwich

The major concern for India is its aging old and corrupt political system. As the time has progressed, India politicians have not learned any lesson from the time. Effectiveness still misses in most of the political parties of India. India has adapted the similar multi party system of Britain. Indian politicians are still among the most corrupt and even some of them have links with under world and mafias. All this has severely hit the progress work in states and if any progress happens anywhere then it becomes the target of politicians. Recently a bypass is completed on national highway no 95 near Marinda(town) on Ludhiana-Chandigrah road. This bypass was completed four months backs and it is ready for traveling of vehicles. This bypass will be a great help for the people traveling on this route. The vehicle now does not need to pass through the heavy jams of Marinda town and a busy railway crossing. Lot of time of commuters will be saved with the opening of this bypass. However, the politicians are not ready for it, because they want to use it for vote bank. Two months back people themselves started using this bye pass and travel become a constant affair through this bypass. But this was not acceptable to politicians, so they stopped the usage of bypass. Now, it will be opened after some time by some VIP guest, because they have no bother about the common Indians, as they are only seeing them as vote banks. I think the politician of India should be shameful on these kinds of acts which increases the difficulties of people.
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