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Does it was predictable that BJP will lose elections in Himachal Pradesh?

  Two days back, I wrote about the exit polls for the  Himachal Pradesh assembly election 2022 . All these exit polls predicted a tough fight in Himachal but they also predicted an edge for BJP in the state.  BJP was quite confident that it will win both the elections of Himachal and Gujrat. Though BJP succeeded in Gujarat and won this election with over 150 seats, however, it was not true for Himachal Pradesh. Traditionally Himachal is a state which is known to never choose a single government consecutively. This is the record of the people of Himachal Pradesh that they have never trusted the same party for a second term.  Now after the final counting of the elections, it looks like history has repeated itself. BJP thought that the krishma of Narendra Modi will work again in Himachal Pradesh, but the people of Himachal Pradesh were not fully satisfied with the present Jai Ram Thakur Govt in Himachal and it is a result of it that they voted it out of Himachal. From apple growers to ord
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Is it possible to generate the sketch of our soulmate?

What is a soulmate and how to find it?  In life, every person wants to meet his or her soulmate because we find ourselves incomplete without him. However, we all know that it is not an easy task to find the real and good person in life who can be our soulmate.  We meet many people and sometimes misunderstand a few people as our soulmates. But later realises that they were not our real soulmates. Finding a soulmate sometimes our whole life is not enough and many people in this world fail to find their soulmates.  The term "soulmate" is thrown around a lot these days. But what does it actually mean? A soulmate is someone who satisfies our needs and desires, and who we can share our life with. Some people believe that they have one person in this world that they are destined to be with, while others believe that there are many soulmates out there. There are many different types of soulmates, but the most common type is romantic. A romantic soulmate is someone who you fall deeply

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022 (Exit Poll Results)

  In the last post on the Gujarat Assembly Election 2022, I told about the importance of the Gujarat Assembly election for BJP . The importance of Gujarat state is so much for BJP politically that it never afford to lose it because it is the main stronghold of the BJP and if it loses its stronghold then it will give a wrong message for the upcoming Loksabha elections. Gujarat traditionally remains a state with two political rivals one in Congress and the other in BJP. Before BJP, Gujarat was the stronghold of Congress but it is an old story now. I wrote a detailed article on the Gujarat assembly election 2022 in September in which I discusses all the possibilities of the Gujarat election outcomes (read this article Who will win Gujarat Assembly election 2022 ).  This time, Gujarat has got a third political contender in the form of AAP (Aam Admi Party) which has become quite confident after the historical win of the Punjab Assembly election. In the last Gujarat assembly election, the pe

What Exit Polls are saying for Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2022?

  The assembly elections for Himachal Pradesh were held on 12 November ahead of the Gujarat Assembly election which concluded on 5th December. Immediately after completing the Gujarat assembly election 2022 in two places, we got multiple exit poll results for Himachal Pradesh. There are a total of 68 seats in the Himachal assembly and any political party needs to win 35 assembly seats to form government in the state. Traditionally, the main fight in Himachal is between Congress and BJP. So far, Both parties enjoyed alternative governments in the state. Therefore, it becomes a trend in the Himachal that no government repeats itself.  The last government in Himachal was the BJP and they defeated Virbhadra Singh's Congress government last time. However, Virbhadra Singh, a senior leader of congress from Himachal died in 2021 leaving a void for Congress. In the meantime, Congress also saw the loss of many other political leaders in the state which make it weaker. This time BJP wants to

Review Wow Vs St. Botanica Shampoo and Conditioner

 Recently, I got the option to try shampoo and conditioners from the two leading brands Wow Skin Science and St.Botanica in India. Wow, Skin Science is an Indian brand while St. Botanica is an international brand with products available in many countries. For Wow Skin Science, I tried their two shampoos, Onion Oil and Hair loss control therapy Shampoos while I got a chance to try two conditioners too Onion Oil and Coconut oil conditioner. For the St. Botanica brand, I tried their Morrocan Argan Shampoo and conditioner. These products are used by other members of my family too.  We all know that Shampoo and conditioners have become an integral part of every home. We need them for better care of our hair. We all try to choose the best products available in the market so that we can keep our hair away from many problems. They provide nourishment to our hair and maintain adequate moisture in our hair. Shampoo and conditioner also help our hair to remain smooth and frizz-free.  I have tried

Guardians of the Galaxy is back with Volume 3

The "Guardians of the Galaxy" series of movies by the Marvel studio has been liked by many people. So far, we have seen the two parts of this series and now we will see its third volume. After watching the trailer of the movie volume 3, I found this volume more bigger and exciting than the previous parts. Hollywood has always provided bigger-than-expected movie sequels and we can hope the same from this too. All the parts of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie have provided great entertainment. I love to watch space movies because they allow me to unleash the power of imagination to see and wonder what is there in the deep darkness of the Universe.  As an ordinary person, I may not be able to travel in the Universe but I can have some fun and excitement of travelling in the Universe by watching such good movies. In this trailer, we see that ship of Star-Lord and his friends has changed. I will not go into much into the story of the film as it will steal the fun of watching this

Bad Indian Roads and Careless driving kills around 1.73 lakh people in India

In the previous article on Indian roads, I talked about potholes and how potholes claimed the lives of 15K people in five years. I wrote this post, three years back but even today the conditions are the same and the numbers of death from road accidents are on the rise. In 2021 alone 1.73 lakh people died in various road accidents. This is a huge number and even this number of people don't die from major health problems. In India, it is tough to drive safely because the road safety track of our nation is not sound. We face multiple problems from bad roads to ignorance of traffic rules. Though in the last few years, the condition of Indian roads has started to improve the careless and fast driving of people is on the rise. Today's automatic and advanced vehicles catch fast speed in a few minutes thus people ignore the speed limit set by the road safety authorities.  The biggest damage all this does to young lives is that most of the people dying in an accident are young people w