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Surprisingly real a 3 years old girl flown 100 feet above the ground by a Kite

 Many strange things happen around us and sometimes, it is hard to believe them. Earlier, I shared with you the strange behavior of a wild leopard in India where it came very close to humans. One similar incident from Taiwan came to my notice where a 3 years old girl flown into the air with the kite. This incident took place during the Taiwan international kite festival last year. However, in social media, this video has been highlighted as a video from the Gujarat kite festival that is a fake representation. Though this incident is real, it is not from Gujarat or any other part of India. This incident took place in Taiwan by accident when a three-year-old girl unintentionally came close to a big kite flying during the festival and got stuck with the ropes of a flying kite. When the kite went into the air, it also took with it 3 years old girl. The girl went up to a height of 100 feet above the ground but she was lucky enough to be saved by the people present there. Such big kites are
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15 Years of Blogging and still continuing

 I am happy to announce that I have entered the fifteenth year of blogging. In these years, I have seen many ups and downs in blogging. I started blogging when hardly a few people are aware of it and today, it is a common secret. I came to blogging because I wanted to write something and writing a book was not an easy task for me. So I looked for blogging and started with few platforms popular 15 years back. For one and a half years, I tried a number of sites and then joined to make a permanent blog. My experience with bloggers remains nice though with some minor bad experiences. I have learned a lot from blogging and still learning new things with each new blog post. Blogging is an easy option that one can start for free and can  upgrade for just Rs 1000 only. It is easy to get back Rs 1000 or more with the help of blogging by adding monetization options. Some people even earn handsome earning from their blogs but it is not true for everyone. To earn a great and regular in

Wild Leopard coming very close to people near Kullu, Himachal Pradesh (Video)

 The video of a wild leopard coming very close to humans has raised concerns among wildlife enthusiasts and according to them, it is not a good sign. You can see a similar video where Leopard is attacking tourists  and Sudden attack by Tiger on the Tourists , therefore, we need to be careful. There needs to be some distance between wildlife and human because it is good for both of them. It is the t of its kind incidence where we see a wild leopard coming so close to local people. Many wildlife experts believe that the reason for such behavior of the leopard is that it must be raised by humans. This incident took place on Kullu-Banjar road in Trithan valley. By nature. leopards are very aggressive and they do not like coming close to humans but this incidence is a very unique one. The behavior of the people in this video was also bizarre because they were not afraid of the ard trying to pet him or taking close pictures with their camera. It is advisable for other people to stay away fro

Why Italian healthcare system failed to tackle Corona epidemic?

After China, Italy has emerged as the biggest victim of coronavirus with more than 10000 confirmed cases of the virus in the country. The situation is so worst in the country that the whole of Italy is under lockdown to decrease the spread of coronavirus and its healthcare system has collapsed to respond to ever-increasing numbers of patients suffering from coronavirus.  There are good chances that the number of patients suffering from coronavirus may increase in Italy and the situation can go out of control. Already, there are many protests in the country over the restrictions on common people and failing healthcare systems in the country. On the other hand, China has succeeded in reducing the new cases of coronavirus and deaths related to it.  China worked very hard to control the virus and its results are showing now. All countries across the world including Italy needs to learn lessons from China to successfully control the virus. If the situation in developed countrie

Corona virus and difficulties for ordinary people

So far, Corona virus has reached 80 countries around the world and there are more than 102000 cases of people infected with this virus. Already, 3800 people have died because of this virus. This virus emerged from China and hit it the hardest. The other countries which are badly affected by Corona virus are South Korea, Iran and Italy.  Yesterday, Italy saw the death of 139 corona infected patients in a single day. Coronavirus has put the whole world into a recession with many companies and factories are shutting down themselves. The reason of so much fear from coronavirus is that it spreads very fast and we have no medical cure for it.  The only way to stop this virus is by isolating the patients affected by it. China has done a great job in this case and succeeded in reducing the number of cases affected with corona virus. Because of the deadly nature of the virus, it is very important for world governments to take all necessary precautions so that ordinary people can be

Is it right to use Movies to score Politics? #AccidentalPrimeMinister

India is a country of controversies and we keep on seeing newer and newer controversies emerging daily. Some controversies die fast while others continue for years. The recent controversy is about the Anupam Kher's latest movie "Accidental Prime Minister" in which he is playing the role of formal Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh.  This controversy emerged with the release of the trailer of movie Accidental Prime Minister. The Congress party blames that this movie is made to spoil the image of Gandhi family while Anupam Kher claims that his movie is based on the book written by Baru Sanjaya whose role is played by Akshay Khanna in the movie.  Mostly in India, we see politics on the single line that "I am right and you are wrong". The focus of all political parties is more on proving others wrong than proving themselves right. They want your votes not because they are right but because others are wrong. In such kind of politics, we hardly see right thing

Confusion over the TRAI's New DTH Pricing Rules

At the start of this month, TRAI passed new rules for DTH pricing in India and these rules will be effective from the start of next year. Already, we are seeing ads by the leading networks like Star, Zee etc to buy their channels packs. In the advertisement, they all say to contact your DTH/Cable operator to subscribe to their channel packs. The channel packs of Star and Zee are starting from Rs 49 and Rs 45 respectively, whereas there are many other channel networks whose packs are starting from as low as Rs 8 only. I did contact my DHT operator, Tata Sky and told them about my confusion. I asked them to clarify me the process to join these channel packs and also told that this facility is still not available on their website ( The person on the phone told me that they are trying to comply with TRAI order and before 29 Dec 2018, they will update their system. After that, I will be able to select the packs of my choice. Even after this reply, my confusion is still pr