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Better Credit Card Management with Cred and Also get some real cashback

  Credit cards are not new to our world and we are seeing an increase in their usage with the youth. Today, credit cards have become an important tool for shopping because they offer many benefits like Easy EMI, Zero EMI, Easy cash, etc. These concepts of credit cards make it easy for people to buy things today and pay for them later in easy installment. However, the management of credit cards is not an easy thing and many people become victims of overspending on the credit card and later finds it hard to pay the remaining balance back.  Recently, I got a chance to use Cred to pay my credit card bills . I am using credit cards for more than 15 years and I have used many of their offers. In these last 15 years, I never found a service that pays you back something when you make a credit card payment through them. When you make a credit card payment through the Cred app then you get the same number of points equal to the amount paid by you. Depending upon the amount of payment made by you
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Deadly second wave of coronavirus in India (No lessons Learnt from First Wave)

  Corona Virus is back in India and this time it is much bigger and dangerous than the earlier one. In the post, Is India ready for Coronavirus? I discussed things that give an idea about the preparedness of India and the Indian healthcare system to control the coronavirus. The first wave of coronavirus has already given many bad shocks for Indians and shown to us that how our health care system is overstretched and not up to the mark. Now the second wave of coronavirus is giving trouble to India. Already talked about it in the Last Post on Surge in Coronavirus cases in India .  The second wave of coronavirus is much bigger than the first wave and it is hitting harder the Indians and Indian healthcare system. If we look at the present situation then it looks that we have learned no lessons from the first wave of the coronavirus and never anticipated a stronger second wave of the coronavirus. If we go by national news then our hospitals have no beds and oxygen. Similar situation, we ca

New Surge in Corona Virus cases in India

  Presently, India is seeing a new surge in the cases of Corona Virus, and the number of people dying from Coronavirus is already rising. So far more than 1.5 Lakh people have died from Coronavirus in India and it is a big number. When Coronavirus just entered India then I wrote this post that Is India ready for Corona Virus?  In the post, I discussed many points related to this virus. Two months back, it looked that Coronavirus is slowly going away from India and the active cases of Coronavirus decreased below 10,000 per day. However, now the number of cases in few states of India like Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, etc started to see an increasing trend which is alarming well for India.  Already, we have suffered a big loss from Coronavirus and we can't expect more blow from it. We suffered many ways from the Corona pandemic and many people suffered big financial losses due to lockdown. Therefore, no one wants to see again the time of lockdowns. The newly developed Coronavirus vacc

Benefit of Adding Fastag to the Vehicle (Paytm Fastag)

  Today, India is progressing in every field and we are seeing many new improvements coming to our lives. One such improvement is mandatory to use of fastag on all vehicles in India. With this change, we can see the saving of time of commuters and saving of valuable fuel. As per the Indian transport minister, with the use of fastag on vehicles, we can hope to see a saving of Rs 20,000 crore. I hope that it will improve the management of vehicles on the various toll plazas. I have many bad experiences on various toll plazas due to manual operation and high rush.  Already, toll collectors and people are finding this scheme of fastag very helpful. I have already installed fastag on my both vehicles two years back. So far, Paytm fastag is the most used fastag in India because it is linked to the Paytm wallet which makes it easy to add cash and make payments. I am also using Paytm Fastag on one of my main vehicles and my experience is very smooth with it. It is very easy to buy Paytm Fasta

15-year-old Buddha to Controversial Figure

Fourteen Years Back, I wrote this article that A new 15-year-old Buddha . I wrote this article after reading a piece of news about a 15-year-old boy, Ram Bahadur Bomjon. At that time, people were worshiping him as a new Budhha or as an incarnation of Buddha. In both Hinduism and Buddhism, it is common to find the concept of rebirth or incarnation, and sometimes, these concepts or beliefs are misused by others. The action of meditation under a tree for straight six of a 15-year-old boy Ram Bahadur forced people to believe that he is not an ordinary man and he must be an incarnation of Buddha.  Many such things and articles were written about him and soon, Ram Bahadur Bomjon become a renowned spiritual leader or Guru. However, after fourteen years, I see his life is marked with many controversies like missing devotees.  Ram Bahadur Bomjom came to the limelight when he claimed to have meditated without moving from his place and without eating anything for months under a tree. People start

Election Schedule and Important Dates Assam, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Puducherry

Below, you can get the Election Schedule and Important Dates Assam, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Puducherry. These are the first important elections in India in 2021 and they will determine the next state governments in  Assam, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Puducherry. These elections will also give us the trend and mood of ordinary people of India and what we can expect from the next elections.    West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 Schedule  Phases - 8 Total Seats - 294 ( SC and ST) Total Voters - 8.3 crore Important Dates Date of Counting Votes - 02.05.2021 Phase 1 Seats - 30 Date of Notification- 02.03.2021 (Tue) Last Date of Nomination- 09.03.2021 (Tue) Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 10.03.2021 (Wed) Last Date of Withdrawal- 12.03.2021 (Fri) Date of Poll- 27.03.2021 (Sat) Phase 2 Seats - 30 Date of Notification- 05.03.2021 (Fri) Last Date of Nomination- 12.03.2021 (Fri) Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 15.03.2021 (Mon) Last Date of Withdrawal- 17

Unseen Pictures of Aishwarya Rai baby shower

 On this blog, I have covered many things related to Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachan. Many people like Aishwarya Rai and still see Aishraya's Childhood pictures . Today, I will share unseen pictures of the Aishwarya Rai baby shower. Though, Aishwarya's daughter is quite young now. These pictures are new ones and we get a chance to see the unseen parts of the life of Aishwarya Rai. In the tradition silk sari Aishwarya Rai looks very beautiful on her baby shower days. This video is a great addition for the Aishwarya Rai hardcore fans. Below you can watch this video.