Water crisis in India and Its solutions

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Water crisis

India has God gift of so many water resources and many big and small rivers pass through it. Lots of pure water lakes are present in India. Still India is the one of worst hit nation with water shortage. A country which floods in rains and people have to run for safer places whereas in summers it faces heavy droughts. The water which gets rained in India or flows through it is much more than the required consumption of India. However, still we have huge shortage of water. 

Many states in India are fighting for sharing of river waters. Many places' people become violent against shortage of water. Moreover, this entire problem is becoming more and more dangerous day by day. Experts blame all this to mismanaged or lack of storage of rainwater. They highly advocate rain harvesting and construction of small check dams for tackling this problem. We can see a great ancient rain harvesting systems present in the places of Rajasthan (a desert state of India). 

Due this unique and ultimate rain harvesting people in these places can face up to four droughts without panic. In these rain harvesting systems even not a single drop of water gets wasted. But in today society nobody is taker of this system. Few of governments have started partial rain harvesting projects but they all failed due to the lack of interest of people and governments. Recently, people of a remote village of Rajasthan created few check dams and solved their water shortage problem. 

Instead of encouraging them government decided to penalize them. Rains are still good in India and therefore, rain harvesting, and construction of check dams provides a good alternative. In some states pounds can be constructed in the place of dams. Only these small efforts can easily reduce the big problem of water shortage. Hope that the people of India and government use these methods to avoid water crisis.

Will north India suffer from Water crisis? 

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