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Who will win the Punjab Election 2007?

Who will win the Punjab Election 2007? It is a difficult task to predict the exact output of the Punjab Election 2007 . However the present taste and mode of people pointing towards Alkali-BJP combine government. The major problem in prediction is that there will be less difference in the votes received by each party. So Far rough hope could be 4% positive swing towards the Akali-BJP combine and -3 to -2% swing against Congress. This creates a difference of 6-7% votes. This much difference can give a clear victory but the problem in the difference is not uniform and each party has different strong holds. Therefore, even after getting fewer votes congress could get more seats. In election no party has any solid reason; therefore this election has taken a more regional color and going to fought on the smaller regional issues. In the end congress could again regain support and can turn the whole picture. The party who has strong ground force will really have a greater advantage as there i

Indian Stock Market Reached 13000 mark

Indian share market today touched a new height reaching 13000 benchmarks in the Bombay stock exchange. This is a great achievement for the Indian stock market and shows the development trend in the Indian market. Many analysts have already predicted this success near Deepawali. Though this moment has come some late but better than never. Now the big question which is wondering in the mind of ordinary people is what will be the next move of the market? Will it continue to rise or it fall unexpectedly? New investors are somewhat apprehensive about the rising market and are afraid of its fall. It is difficult to predict exactly what will happen but the growth in the Indian industry and good results of Indian companies further strengthen beliefs of further rise. Today the Indian market has the potential of rising up to 17000 marks in the next few years if everything goes fine. However, the problem is that due to profit booking, it could take many revises and cause panic in the investors. T

Finally a justice after 10 years

Today the fight of Indian people got some reward when the Delhi High Court sentenced Santosh Kumar death penalty of raping and murdering Priyadarshani Mattoo. All this has become possible only due to the hard work, agitation, support and fight of million of Indians and family of Priyadarshani Mattoo. In 1999, when the lower court freed Santosh kumar on the ground of lack of proofs then everyone must has assume that Priyadarshani will never get the justices. It is due to fight of her father and people that this case was handed over to CBI (Central Investigating Agency, India) for re-examining. This case proves both the failure and success of Indian judiciary. This case clearly shows that our lower courts are still not effective and how many people are getting freed from them due to lack of evidence or corruption. The interesting thing is that the High court has convicted the Santosh kumar on the two proofs which were rejected by the lower court. The case shows how the people of higher c

Elections is Punjab-2007 a one sided fight

Elections in Punjab (India) are on the way and the political parties have started their campaigns. Leaders from Akali Dal and Congress are doing aggressive relies to vow the people. Congress is trying to get mileage from some already built long waited development projects like the 2.3 km long fly over made over Ghanta Ghar in Ludhina and a bridge over Ravi River in Gurdaspur district. Otherwise the present Punjab government does not have to offer much to the people of Punjab because the grass root level development still misses in many places of Punjab. The common problems of water, electricity and basic need nearly remains the same and not much improvement is done in the overall infrastructure of state. Only the improvements happened in the state are due to demand of time or by the private players. The other party Akali dal, which has little more hope of winning this election than congress does not provide much promise. The last tenure of this government was already a period of failur

Ups and downs of Life

Life is made up of many ups and downs. Some time life looks very pretty and some time it looks very bad. This is a same story for every human being on this earth whether he is rich or poor, male or female, and young or old. Everyone face all these things. Some one face financial problems and other may face emotional disturbance, but down remains in every ones life. Similarly happiness also came at some time in every ones life, may be for few moments. There are many philosophies which available regarding these concepts of the life. Some of the spiritual outlooks a can help us in living life more meaningfully. It is difficult to control the fate of a person so it is advisable to learn the art of living a good life. A life in which any situation may come but we always remain happy.

Internet and India

The days when I learned internet then I have never thought that it could help in so many ways. Today internet is a great tool for me, which is helping me in getting ahead of others. Internet is still in initial phase in India. Many villages and small towns still do not proper internet facility available with them. For many people in India it is a dream to have their own personal computer. Indian government is doing lot of efforts to bridge this gap but the speed is slow as compared to the vast population of India. Internet has the power to become a big tool for Indians if treated with proper concern. In big cities, lots of people are already reaping the benefits of Internet. Many internet based business are becoming reality like online lottery, share trading, distance education and long distance calling. If we go on progressing with the same speed then the time is not away when internet will be reality in every part of India.

Independent decisions

Taking independent decisions are still a distinct dream in India. Our families, relative and friends still hold lot of say in our lives. May be all this due to the fact that we are living like this only. With the changing world every one is asking for independence and taking their decisions. Many children are revolting against their parents about the decisions concerning their lives. Some educated and matured parents have realized and are giving more space to their children. However still there are quite large numbers of parents who are resist these actions.

Strict control of government on mobile phone users

Recently the usage of mobile phones has increased many times in India. Today many people have their own mobile handsets which were a distance dream few years back. Things have changes so fast that cheap handsets worth few hundred rupees are available in the market and pre-paid mobile SIM card is available for only 100 rupees. Some major companies like Reliance and Tata are giving handset and up to two years validity at price which is below 1000 Indian rupees. Today people have the option to recharge their mobiles at rupee 10 only. However this power is widely exploited by the terrorists and the criminals for conducting crimes. They just take a number, use it and then through it. Most of these connections were taken on the false proofs so it becomes very difficult to trace them. Therefore government and police have made it mandatory for the mobile companies to strictly verify the proofs before giving any new connection. Therefore now it is not easy to get a new connection with out valid

My writing

lwToday I have completed almost one and half year of my writing. Two years back I could not even dream of achieving all this. So far I have written more than 1000 articles which are published on various sites. More surprising, I am amazed to know that Google open 18 pages related to me or my articles. First time in my life I am really filling of achieving some thing. My blog have become a kind of property for me and I am the proud owner of it. Really I have never dreamed about all this. I have learned lot of new things like applications of html and some others feature of internet only because of my writing. I have increased knowledge in many spheres of life and improved my writing a lot. Still there are lots of things which need to be corrected but in future I am also optimistic of achieving them. So far writing is going in the right direction for me and I have lot of more hopes from it in near future to come. I want to heartily thank people who have helped in achieving in all this.

Rview- Digit (India)

Digit is a leading computer based magazine in India. This magazine already a quite hit in tech savvy people. India is a big changing country and technology is also changing here at very fast pace. Today we India are using some of most advance technologies available in the world. With the Indian IT companies the technology difference has reduced between India and the rest of the world. Now for getting success it is very important to have the latest knowledge in the IT field. Here comes the role of Digit. Digit provides the latest news the technology giants in the field of IT. This magazine can be a good source in understanding lot of new innovations in the field. They provide information about various tools, software’s and hardware’s. There latest October edition contains lot of useful information on laptops, a detailed comparison on various laptops of different companies is given in it. This magazine a good stuff for technical people, however for ordinary people who are away from techn

Review-Sony EricssonW300i

Sony Ericsson is ready to give fight to Nokia in long run. The model W300i is a tough fight for Nokia model. So far Nokia is a big success in Indian market but the introduction of good model like W300i poses lot of threat to the supremacy of Nokia in long run. This model W300i is the extension of walkman series of Sony Ericsson which is already a hit. All things were fine for Nokia when there were only black white models. However with the entry of high end models competition is becoming tougher. Sony Ericsson model W300i holds lot of promises. The important things are its beautiful flap design, lower weight and high battery backup. The other unique feature of this model is superior sound quality. This model really provides a feeling of sound system. This model comes with external 256 MB data card which could be increased as per requirement. The speaker of the phone is fine enough to entertain people seating in a single room without attaching any external speaker. All the major features

When my parent will stop treating me like a kid?

Today I am a 28 years old independent boy. Who is self sufficient to manage his daily routines? However still my parents some time treat me like a small kid. Today my father advised me save funds for paying the tax and LIC premium due early next year. I have already taken care of all this factors and planned the whole transaction. With in two month I will hold enough balance to pay all this expenses. I have already taken advice from CA regarding the possible alternatives I have available with me in saving the maximum tax and working in that direction. My father still believes that I need lot of advice or he fears that I should not waste money and land up in crises. As a father he is right to some extent because managing financial things is a difficult task and even small mistake could make us behind the bars because Indian government has become very strict on tax payments. But there are many people in India who still do not know the exact procedures associated with the tax payment and

Story of Night vision instruments and indian Government

I still remember the time of kargil war when Indian was forced to fight with Pakistani intruders at the kargil hills. India got nearly surprised by the sudden positioning of the Pakistani militants at the hills. Initially Indian government thought that all this was an small movement of militants but later they discovered that it was serious matter and need a action by the Indian army. The militants were on the top of hills and Indian forces were on the down side of hill, so Indian forces decided to attack the militants in the night. However this action was not successful because militants were caring highly sophisticated night vision with them. On the other hand Indian army men do not have the necessary night vision devices, due which lot of Indian solider lost life in the battle. Militants have the necessary quantity of Night Vision Goggles, Binoculars & Night Vision Scopes. They have all the latest night vision devices which are comparable to the best in world. Finally in the mid

Finally This year Deepawali is at end

Finally crores of rupees are wastage in the Deepawali in India on decorations, sweets, gifts and patakas. In return we are only getting wastage of money and pollution. So many sweets will be wasted on this single day that almost everyone has excess of sweets for himself. Still there are many people around the corner on our footpaths, who are not so lucky to have all this. If, we could only reduce our spending on Deepawali by marginally then even we could feed so many needy people for months. However we are happy in our own gratification. We have no time for others. I do not see any change in all this for years. May be life is like this and we have accepted it like this only. Still I pray to god that the next Deepawali should bring happiness to all the people around the world.

Finally Deepawali is here again

Deepawali is a famous festival for Indians and we celebrate it with lot excitement. At this time of year people spent very heavily to celebrate this festival. Lot of money is spent on sweets, patakas and gifts. The total business done on this single day is much more than the combined business of month. This is reason why companies also focus on the day and announce lot of attractive offers to attract the costumers. This year also many companies provided lot of schemes and many people also used them. Moreover with the commercialization this trend is even increasing for example now in the place of sweets many people distribute gifts. Many multinational FMGC companies are in the market with their gift packs to satisfy this need of customers. This is a win-2 situation for both as the customers are getting the variety and companies are earning lot of money. Now the place of diyas which was first taken by candles is now again taken by the decorative lighting systems. With the modernization D

Great joke of Hutch with me on this Deepawali

Hutch is a leading mobile telephone services provider in India. I was an admirer of hutch's prepaid connection because I was using it for last for years. Mostly I was satisfied with their service only there were few problems of signals at some areas. Last week I got offer from Hutch customer cares for converting my prepaid connection in to a post paid connection. The package offered by them was very lucrative as they were offering me 600 minutes free to all the mobile phones in Punjab, 200 SMS free, 10 paisa Hutch to Hutch call and one rupee STD for all the mobiles in a 300 rupees rental plan (called zero rental plan). While considering all this I ordered for the conversion of my prepaid connection into post paid connection. I as well gave request of activation of 2000 free SMS at monthly charge of 50 rupees additional. After getting this plan I began dreaming of saving huge amount of money on my bills and a better connectivity with my friends. However, today one day before Deepawa

Review Indian Movie-KHOSLA KA GHOSLA

In first I want to say to all Indians that it is a must watch movie because for a middle class Indian constructing a big house with separate rooms for all the members of family is a big dream. In India, people save money for their whole life to construct a home in the old age. However due to the availability of home loans this trend has changed to some place. KHOSLA KA GHOSLA (KKG) is able to present the same kind of emotions or simply it is very near to reality. The other concept which is highlighted in a humorous way in this movie is about the illegal occupation on land by the land mafias. Rent Movies online in your City This is very well accepted reality in India till today. Many innocent ordinary Indians lose their precious land to these land grabbers and no body is able to do any thing. This movie shows in real the level of corruption in India and the helpless state of common man. How middle man and brokers make of fool of people and take all their hard earned money. Acting wise a

Happy Deepawali

Happy Deepawali Wishing all the readers of my blog very-2 Happy Deepawali. I wish to the God that this festival season brings lot of happiness and prosperity in your life. Deepawali is one of the colorful festivals of India. People celebrate it by lightening candles and diyas. People also exchanges sweets with each other. Lakshmi Pujan is done in which people also sing Lakshmi Aarti.

Some points of life

Living life as par own expectations is a quite difficult task because the world just do not allow us to do so. We are so closely watched by our friends, relatives, parents, employer, government or even by general people that we have no life of our own left with us. If a person thinks that he wants to live like a bird then it is very-2 difficult for him to achieve all this. Our elders just only doubt us for our capabilities or our friend makes fun of our big dreams. This world creates so many obstacles in front of us that we never be able to live our life in the way in which we are comfortable. This is not the fault of world because we in do not fly, we only crawl on the land and that only we can see others doing. How a ordinary man from earth can touch the sky or scale new heights, we just can not accept this. But in all this there are few people who break all the limitations of world and fly as there own. It is not easy to stop people who are determined to achieve the goals of self fr

Fate of Adsense

Earning money from a blog is the concept started by Google and it is made possible with Google/adsense program. Google/adsense is the program which allows you to put Google ads on your blog. When ever people click on the ads google credit your account with money ranging from $.01 to $100. Some of the bloggers have earned huge amount of money with this method. However from the starting of this year blogger are not getting much revenue from Google/adsense. The revenues from Google/adsense have decreased many times. Many people have pointed this change as death of Google/adsene. However so far Google is silent on this whole issue and did not want to die like this their program which has helped them earn huge amount of money. Many experts are indicating that google may be coming up with Google/adsense-2 program next few months. Yahoo the arch rival of Google have already lauched their beta ads related program and it is supposed to open for all from the beginning of next year. It will take

Better service from HCL

When I first bought my HCL Laptop one and half year back then I has lot doubts about the after sales services provided by them. Last I got chance to test their after sales service when the battery of my laptop stops working. My laptop was in three year warranty scheme so I contacted their service center and asked for battery replacement. They took the photo copy of original papers from me and sent it to head office for replacement. Exactly after ten I got my battery replacement. Most of the experience with HCL hassle free and removed my lot of worries. They also assured to take of any problem in laptop. They also suggested me to increase the warranty period of laptop further after my current period expires. I liked there prompt service therefore I am sharing it you.

In side review of Kabhi Alvida na kehna

Kabhi Alvida na kehna was a smashing hit overseas but it was a not that much liked in Indian market. The reasons may be of varying nature. Kabhi Alvida na kehna is new concept movie which shows the search of true love and that too even after marriage. However the director of the movie is not able to convince but is real love. Whole movie is about some things called true love but no body knows what it is it? In some intelligence movie is a new concept and a massive experiment but these types of experiments require lot of research and a good presentation. Rent Movies online in your City Kabhi Alvida na kehna has lot of loop holes in all the sections from story, acting, screen play and ultimately direction. Trying to give Shahrukh Khan same look of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is big flop show. Shahrukh khan does not show the innocence, freshness and commitment for acting like shown in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Other actor’s acts are as well ordinary, only Rani has shown some spark with

Punjab Election 2006

Punjab is going to see an election again. Like the earlier times this time as well battle is between two contenders’ Congress and Akali Dal. Currently Congress is ruling the state government for last five years. From the earlier times people of Punjab have no option but to choice between one of them. As trend wises every party holds the government in alternate period. This time also Akali dal holds the chances of winning the polls but the contest may be neck to neck. Both parties are putting allegations and counter allegations on each other. Previous track record of both the parties involve wide spread corruption but the people of Punjab have no option but to choice one party among them. Due to this reason there is not much enthusiasm among the people of Punjab. Punjab election has only remained a fight of two parties and largely does not involve most of the people. Let us wait for some time to see the outcome and watch which party has the might. More on Punjab election 1 More on Punja

Home security trends in India

Home security is a new trend in India and it is on rise in last few years. In last few years India has seen rise in the trend of thefts and looting. Therefore it has become necessary to look for home security services. One of the major home security service used in India is use of a common watchman for the whole block. This trend is prevailing in India from long back. Advantage of this method is that it is economical as compared to other systems of home security. However this method has the disadvantage of not provide the adequate or complete security to the houses and property. Some people have now started using burger alarms but there are still not a popular pick in India. Individualized security is only restricted to the use of rich people because high cost. Police has also intensified the patrolling in nights to avoid any kind of mishaps in the night. In this we are seeing some need for additional home security but it is a early phase for Indians to opt for high end options.

Dengue, Chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis- A defeat for Government of India

While living in India we could hope to die from any of these diseases and that to from a single bite of a mosquito. All of these diseases are killing thousands of people across India for year after year but our government wake up only on the time of out break. Our health systems at the ground level are not in proper shape as this can be attributed from the failure of Indian government to wipe out polio even after so many years of continuous nationwide problem against polio. New polio cases are still emerging every year uncovering the loopholes in program. Now if after spending heavily on polio eradication we are a failure than how we could expect success in Dengue, Chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis where our effort level are very low. Japanese encephalitis is emerging in various parts of India for last 28 years and still even today our government has no active plan to eradicate this disease. Hundred of children and people are dying very year and our government is waiting year after

health conditions in India

Are we prepared to fighting with various diseases? Answers are no for all Indians. Though as a nation we are becoming more advanced but still health conditions are at toss in India. Recent upsurge in the cases of dengue in India shows the state of health environments in India. This year dengue is more serious than the previous years. Our health care systems are almost failures to take care of rising menace of dengue. Hundred of people have so far died with dengue and its number may increase in coming months. Dengue is happening in India for last few years and every year millions of rupees being spend to prevent this disease but all this money goes in vain. All this indicates the wastage of money or non appropriate use of money by the government. Due to this unconcerned approach many people have to lose their life. We could to see some changes in attitude of government in near future and see a healthier environment in India.

Missing quality of life in Asian nations

Creating a quality of life to every citizen of the nation is a greater task for the authority of a state. Governments in developing nation have commitment towards this objective but this thing misses to some extent in developing or poor nations. Here in India governments are mostly involved in the popular measures than in the improvement of quality of life. Many decisions are taken by the government only to impress certain class of the society and in this they do not consider about the overall development of the nation. This is not a good sign as these measures may cause disastrous results in the future. However the governments are only interested in coming back into power and not into the development of people and nation. These things are highly prevailing in Asian countries and causing lot of problems to the people of these nations. Moreover all this is not going to stop unless governments come above their popularized approach. All this is possible only with the overall development o

Do Indian Nationalized Banks need to be more customer friendly?

Nationalized banks in India are the major option of banking related products for Indians. Few years nationalized banks are controlling the whole banking marketing but now with the entrance of private banks some changes are coming in to effect. As par the service level nationalized banks are very poor. Most of the banks do not give any importance to the customer satisfaction and concerns of customers. I have accounts with three private banks and I am happy with their service levels. Yesterday when I tried to open a account with SBI (Indian leading Nationalized bank), then I have to go through many hard realities. Most of the staff of bank was very rude and nobody is ready to tell me about the details required. I found it so offending that I left my thought of opening account in SBI. Indian nationalized banks require to give more focus on their customer services so that they can remain competitive in near future.

Nuclear test by North Korea-A time to wake up

Nuclear test by North Korea shows the failure of world body to also stop the states from perusing nuclear deterrence. North Korea has done nuclear test show the doubt on the Nuclear proliferation treaty (NPT) and show its failure. Few years back the nuclear tests were done by both India and Pakistan. After North Korea, we could think Iran going on the same way. All these tests may be attributed to the discrepancies and one sided ness of NPT. As the concerns rose by India few years back that the nuclear nations should also defuse their nuclear weapons in the faced manner. However countries like America and Russia refused this proposal and these countries even continued their more advanced nuclear programs. Now how these countries could expect other nations to adhere with rules when these countries are not following it. We can not create different rules for different nations. Power nations can not have rules which favor them but are hard on others. To maintain a world harmony, we are req

Lost heritage

We human beings are forgetting our lot of heritages. Here I am also sharing with you one similar kind of thing. Years back when there are no water distribution systems were available then people use to drink water from natural resources of water. These resources have sweet water flowing from them and it was an enjoying experience for the people to consume this water. To protect these natural drinking water resources people made sheds around them so that the natural water should not be polluted with rain water of dust. These resources have served people with sweet drinking water for years, but now with the availability of home based water systems people are forgetting these resources. Today many of these kinds of resources have become place of dirt. Nobody is now ready to take care and maintain these resources. Due to this, these resources are slowing dying there death unknowingly to the world. How we can do this to these resources which have helped us for so many years? Do we not requi

My birth place Mandi (Himachal Pradesh)

I was born in general hospital Mandi on 29th October, 1978. It is my maternal home. My mother (Smt. Snehlata Katoch) has spent her initial life in this place. She has completed her from this city only. Mandi is a city situated on the bank of river Beas. Mandi is surrounded from all sides by the hills. Last week, I was in Mandi to see my maternal grandmother who died from massive brain stroke. Mandi is known as the Kashi ( a famous temple town of India) of Himachal Pradesh. Mandi has near about 81 renowned old stone temples which have lot of historical value. Mandi is a gateway to Kullu vellay because every one has to pass through Mandi to reach Kulu or Manali. Indira Market-Square is a popular market place of Mandi (can be seen in Photograph). I have lot my childhood memories attached with Mandi . Every year in summer vacations we used to come here for spending our vacations. Mandi can be termed as a spiritual and religious city for its clam, unique and various religious plac

Husband Wife

Husband and wife relations are seeing wiping changes in India. Today relations of husband and wife are facing the pressure of work, money, time and stability. Today’s husband wife is facing more challenges to save their married life then the husband wife of few year back. Most of the husband wife are working and therefore are not able to provide much needed time for each other. Rising expectations from each other and effect of modern cultures are also threatening their stable relations. Earlier Indian women do not go outside home for work and therefore take care of the most of the household responsibilities. Today women feel more pressured when they have to take care both the responsibilities of home and outside. More attraction towards other sex and after marriage affair is becoming more and more reality. To the end, husband and wife relations are more complex in today world and are facing more challenges then their previous counterparts. Still we have to see for more years to really

lost freedom

Freedom is a like an aliveness for all the human beings. Without freedom we all are just dead. This is true from the liveliness of birds which are free in the sky and the dullness of birds in the cages. Freedom is of many types like freedom to move, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of taking decision. Many people around the world are still not fortunate enough to have freedom. Some where governments are cruel, some where societies are more pushing restrictions and some where families are more demanding. Even in developed countries sometime it is difficult to get the complete freedom and there are also many restrictions on ordinary human beings. In real terms it is a great task to understand freedom and there could be a wide debate on the issue of how much freedom should be given to individuals? Excess freedom could also create problem for us, therefore our societies and countries put some restrictions on us. This is fine because it is good for our betterment. Howeve

A false face

A false face what is it? Have I seen it? No I have not seen it but I have experienced it. World want us to look like them and people are doing every thing to fulfill this requirement. We are creating a false around us to look like the world. However in all this we have forgotten our real values, interest, ambitions and hopes. We are only fulfilling the ambitions and hopes of others. Sometime we may try to project our self in the dreams of others but in long run all this is not possible. We can never find our reality and values in others dreams. Life is journey to enjoy our real hood and emerge as winners in the end of our life. But many of us do not realize all this and pass their whole life in the terms of others. Finally in the end they have no option but to die as a loser. Therefore false face can never give us any win in long run, only our real values and thoughts can make us achieve the wonders of life. Many people around us use this false face to gain few small advantages but in


Selfishness is difficult to define because we all are selfish in some or other way. We human beings give lot of importance to our own profit and loses than the others. This is a basic nature and we can not blame only few individuals for it. Somewhere we all are selfish and concerned about our own lives. Now what we can do to solve this problem? Really a difficult question to give answer and it is not definite that answer will help us or not. Then what to do just burry this whole issue in the side and look for other question? Or look is issues in more depth. If anyone there have any answer then he can help in

Why rich are more rich?

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to understand life. Some of the questions of life are away from our thinking level or simply we have no answers for them. Initially for sometime we try to search answers for them and then after sometime we start blaming our luck, time or circumstances. For example there are many people in this world, who are extremely rich. They have so many things in excess for them, which are not available to million of people. There are few people who are sleeping on the ground in the cold of winters and on the other side there are people who have hundred of rooms vacant in their homes. There are many people in developed nations who waste so much of food as unhygienic or bad quality, which is enough to feed millions of people in poor nations. There are many people in India who can be seen eating food thrown on the ground as wastage. There are billions of people around the world, who do not have more than two peers of cloths to wear and on the other hand there are

Now easily get listed on ebay

Ebay is a greatest selling tool for all kind of sellers. People could expect to earn good amount of money by selling their goods through ebay. People can thing of selling new or old any item e.g. one of my starts selling handicrafts from India and is now earning good amount. However many people found it difficult to list their products on ebay. But now they all can get the help from List’dExpress to easily list their items on ebay. List’dExpress is one of the best eBay listing tool available so far. Moreover people can add good quality images with the help of photobucket. This is a simple and easily usable system to list items on ebay which could help both sellers and buyers.

Some concerns

India as a society has grown in many field. Now we are more matured people. Today’s Indians are more advanced in knowledge and they are determined to success and also many of them are getting big success all around the world. Today we have the top engineers, scientist and doctors. Interestingly, Indian as a country to live is increasing its quality to live. However there are few concerns which are creating problems for Indians. One of the biggest problems is change in lifestyle and eating habits. With the demand of jobs like call centers and change in food habits, we going towards a more problematic life structure. Now days our lives are more full of tensions and diseases. People health has gone at a task due to unhealthy food and busy life. We can not accept this growth and achievement at the cost of our own people. However this success has made us so busy that we have no time to think about all this.

My Maternal Grand Mother died on 5/10/2006

My maternal grand mother Smt. Sarladevi Mandyal died yesterday from a massive stroke. She was living in her house situated in Moti bazaar, Mandi (Himachal Pradesh, India). Basically she was born in Punjab and after marriage she was living in Mandi. She was a respected woman among the rajput class of mandi. She was 75 years old. I have great love for her, as she has done lot sacrifices for me. She was a homely woman but still a woman of her ideals. She was good fearing women with lot of respect for goddess Durga. Her death was a great shock for me and I will love her in my memories. I want to request god to give her a great happiness in heaven. She was survived by her two sons (Shri. Samarjit Mandyal and Raju Mandyal and my mother Smt. Snehlata Katoch).

Google's future

Google is today a king of search engines. Most of the people relay on Google for its search results. Though today there are many search engines available on the net but still Google has its own distinct identity. Google has become a big brand name which has made software giants like Microsoft to worry from it. Google has enchased it wide popularity and earned huge revenues through various programs like google/adsense, therefore Google stocks are favorite buy ones. However, by seeing the huge success of Google, many other players like yahoo are also coming into the ring to challenge the territory of Google. Yahoo has recently started its ad based program which is likely to give fight to the google/adsense program. Yahoo program is still in beta, so it many take some time to be open for all. Like yahoo many more players are trying to come up with new plans to fight the supremacy of Google. It is very early to comment on these issues but the time ahead for Google looks very hard. So far

Net reporting

Net reporting Net reporting is the new mantra which many Indian business organizations are opting for. Today companies are no more interested in paper based reporting system which has last for my years. Paper based reporting have the disadvantage of being late and filled with lot of errors. One the other hand net reporting is fast and accurate. Moreover, now it is possible for companies to add various features in net reporting which was not possible with paper based reporting. Thanks to advancement in software’s e-reporting is easy and fast. The other advantage is that company now can get the desired data at the press of a single button. All this become possible only due to availability of access to internet at every level. The only disadvantage with net reporting is that they are some time more confusing and required training to the existing staff. Still the future belongs to net reporting and in the coming years many more companies will be following this tradition.

Review VGA2USB

Today, many kind of frame grabbers available in the market. Frame grabbers do the work of digitizing the analog video signals from any other source. Frame grabbers got there name because there capacity to grab video frames. Initial frame grabbers are able to store only one video frame, however today many frame grabbers like VGA2USB are available which can store many video frames in compressed form. VGA2USB is product from EPIPHAN SYSTEMS INC. VGA2USB has many advanced features over other frame grabbers available on the market. One can easily see the VGA2USB Technical Specifications by pressing this link and can compare the properties of VGA2USB with other frame grabbers available in the market. Image qualities are enhanced many times by using this device. This device can be easily connected with any electronic device like laptop, printer etc. The size of the device is very small near same of the size of a match box. All the features make VGA2USB the ideal device for the preparation of

In my life

Life is a great journey. Sometimes there are ups and sometime there are downs. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it looks bad. However, still life is a great experience to travel. Yesterday, I got a SMS, which says that “sometimes the distance traveled is more beautiful than the destination reached”. I like this SMS very much because it is true. Destination is not what we totally want. After reaching a destination everything ends but the memories of those old moment spend to achieve this destination remain with us. Today, when I was collecting the photographs of my father from our old photographer (from whom I have done my lot of photographs), he felt very happy to see me after four years. He enquired what I am doing and again felt very happy to see me settled in my life. I have no relation with this photographer but still he remembered me and is happy with my success. Similarly sometimes we forget about those small moments and make our life an unhappy moment. Now it is up to you,

Cool blog to read

I rarely recommend sites or blogs but there are few sites and blogs which are so interesting that they force me to write about them. Here is a one more example of my discovery of an interesting blog. Writing a good blog is a great art. There are many blogs around us but very few blogs are able to attract our attention due to good work in them. Moreover, many times it is very difficult to get useful information we are searching for, from a single blog. There are many blogs about traveling, sports, books and literature but they many times fail to meet our expectations. Now, have you hard about the blog about trivia? If No, then go to, where many of amazing trivia facts from history are listed. Some of posts of this blog are Women Behaving Badly, Weird Jobs, Cool Facts About Killer Bees, Useless Facts About Shaving, and Burial Customs and Curiosities. All these post are filled with some of unknown fact to us. It is a great exercise of reading to go through this blog