In my life

Life is a great journey. Sometimes there are ups and sometime there are downs. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it looks bad. However, still life is a great experience to travel. Yesterday, I got a SMS, which says that “sometimes the distance traveled is more beautiful than the destination reached”. I like this SMS very much because it is true. Destination is not what we totally want. After reaching a destination everything ends but the memories of those old moment spend to achieve this destination remain with us. Today, when I was collecting the photographs of my father from our old photographer (from whom I have done my lot of photographs), he felt very happy to see me after four years. He enquired what I am doing and again felt very happy to see me settled in my life. I have no relation with this photographer but still he remembered me and is happy with my success. Similarly sometimes we forget about those small moments and make our life an unhappy moment. Now it is up to you, how take all this.
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