In side review of Kabhi Alvida na kehna

Kabhi Alvida na kehna was a smashing hit overseas but it was a not that much liked in Indian market. The reasons may be of varying nature. Kabhi Alvida na kehna is new concept movie which shows the search of true love and that too even after marriage. However the director of the movie is not able to convince but is real love. Whole movie is about some things called true love but no body knows what it is it? In some intelligence movie is a new concept and a massive experiment but these types of experiments require lot of research and a good presentation.

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Kabhi Alvida na kehna has lot of loop holes in all the sections from story, acting, screen play and ultimately direction. Trying to give Shahrukh Khan same look of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is big flop show. Shahrukh khan does not show the innocence, freshness and commitment for acting like shown in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Other actor’s acts are as well ordinary, only Rani has shown some spark with her acting. It is not like that whole movie is bad however it has some of the beautiful parts. Overall this movie is a little time pass but starts losing ground in the second half of movie. Lot of matter stayed unanswered and only look as the director is trying to impose his views.

Love is a lot of debatable issue in Indian movies and every filmmaker tries to present it in his own way. Moreover combining love with after marriage affairs is risky attempt with the Indian audience which is still living with the old customs. Our society has never accepted as good thing the love affair after marriage. This movie is praiseworthy to show the changing attitude of Indians but still it is too earlier make these kind of movies and that with so many loop holes.

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