Strict control of government on mobile phone users

Recently the usage of mobile phones has increased many times in India. Today many people have their own mobile handsets which were a distance dream few years back. Things have changes so fast that cheap handsets worth few hundred rupees are available in the market and pre-paid mobile SIM card is available for only 100 rupees. Some major companies like Reliance and Tata are giving handset and up to two years validity at price which is below 1000 Indian rupees. Today people have the option to recharge their mobiles at rupee 10 only. However this power is widely exploited by the terrorists and the criminals for conducting crimes. They just take a number, use it and then through it. Most of these connections were taken on the false proofs so it becomes very difficult to trace them. Therefore government and police have made it mandatory for the mobile companies to strictly verify the proofs before giving any new connection. Therefore now it is not easy to get a new connection with out valid proofs.
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