Rview- Digit (India)

Digit is a leading computer based magazine in India. This magazine already a quite hit in tech savvy people. India is a big changing country and technology is also changing here at very fast pace. Today we India are using some of most advance technologies available in the world. With the Indian IT companies the technology difference has reduced between India and the rest of the world. Now for getting success it is very important to have the latest knowledge in the IT field. Here comes the role of Digit. Digit provides the latest news the technology giants in the field of IT. This magazine can be a good source in understanding lot of new innovations in the field. They provide information about various tools, software’s and hardware’s. There latest October edition contains lot of useful information on laptops, a detailed comparison on various laptops of different companies is given in it. This magazine a good stuff for technical people, however for ordinary people who are away from technology this magazine could be a difficult digest. With this magazine one can get lot of free stuff in free DVD and CD available with it. Many free softwares, games, moves, audio books and other tools are available in these CDs. Over all Digit provide a good experience of reading and a good knowledge to hold.

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