Husband Wife

Husband and wife relations are seeing wiping changes in India. Today relations of husband and wife are facing the pressure of work, money, time and stability. Today’s husband wife is facing more challenges to save their married life then the husband wife of few year back. Most of the husband wife are working and therefore are not able to provide much needed time for each other. Rising expectations from each other and effect of modern cultures are also threatening their stable relations. Earlier Indian women do not go outside home for work and therefore take care of the most of the household responsibilities. Today women feel more pressured when they have to take care both the responsibilities of home and outside. More attraction towards other sex and after marriage affair is becoming more and more reality. To the end, husband and wife relations are more complex in today world and are facing more challenges then their previous counterparts. Still we have to see for more years to really evaluate the changes in trend and could hope for better things.
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