Missing quality of life in Asian nations

Creating a quality of life to every citizen of the nation is a greater task for the authority of a state. Governments in developing nation have commitment towards this objective but this thing misses to some extent in developing or poor nations. Here in India governments are mostly involved in the popular measures than in the improvement of quality of life. Many decisions are taken by the government only to impress certain class of the society and in this they do not consider about the overall development of the nation. This is not a good sign as these measures may cause disastrous results in the future. However the governments are only interested in coming back into power and not into the development of people and nation. These things are highly prevailing in Asian countries and causing lot of problems to the people of these nations. Moreover all this is not going to stop unless governments come above their popularized approach. All this is possible only with the overall development of folk in education and wisdom. These countries are going in this direction but it is too early to claim any thing.
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