Review Indian Movie-KHOSLA KA GHOSLA

In first I want to say to all Indians that it is a must watch movie because for a middle class Indian constructing a big house with separate rooms for all the members of family is a big dream. In India, people save money for their whole life to construct a home in the old age. However due to the availability of home loans this trend has changed to some place. KHOSLA KA GHOSLA (KKG) is able to present the same kind of emotions or simply it is very near to reality. The other concept which is highlighted in a humorous way in this movie is about the illegal occupation on land by the land mafias.

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This is very well accepted reality in India till today. Many innocent ordinary Indians lose their precious land to these land grabbers and no body is able to do any thing. This movie shows in real the level of corruption in India and the helpless state of common man. How middle man and brokers make of fool of people and take all their hard earned money. Acting wise all the actors are super in their roles and are able to justify their roles. Anupam Kher is the master and that is he in the movie. Over all this a simple movie which has highlighted the dilemma faced by common Indians in humorous way. There are some minor loopholes but in the end every thing is justified by the director with this overall wonderful movie.
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