Finally a justice after 10 years

Today the fight of Indian people got some reward when the Delhi High Court sentenced Santosh Kumar death penalty of raping and murdering Priyadarshani Mattoo. All this has become possible only due to the hard work, agitation, support and fight of million of Indians and family of Priyadarshani Mattoo. In 1999, when the lower court freed Santosh kumar on the ground of lack of proofs then everyone must has assume that Priyadarshani will never get the justices. It is due to fight of her father and people that this case was handed over to CBI (Central Investigating Agency, India) for re-examining.

This case proves both the failure and success of Indian judiciary. This case clearly shows that our lower courts are still not effective and how many people are getting freed from them due to lack of evidence or corruption. The interesting thing is that the High court has convicted the Santosh kumar on the two proofs which were rejected by the lower court. The case shows how the people of higher class or government officials influence the police and put question mark on the role of Delhi Police.

The other thing is that High court has granted this crime as the rarest of the rare crime and awarded capital punishment. 10 years was a very large time for the supporters of Priyadarshani but the justice with a speedy trail is a good example to again put the trust of people on the our courts. Now this case may go in to the supereme court of India and supports of Priyadarshani may have to wait for few more years to the Santosh get hanged. Results of future outcomes may be whatever but this case has shown the power of people of India.
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