Some points of life

Living life as par own expectations is a quite difficult task because the world just do not allow us to do so. We are so closely watched by our friends, relatives, parents, employer, government or even by general people that we have no life of our own left with us. If a person thinks that he wants to live like a bird then it is very-2 difficult for him to achieve all this. Our elders just only doubt us for our capabilities or our friend makes fun of our big dreams. This world creates so many obstacles in front of us that we never be able to live our life in the way in which we are comfortable. This is not the fault of world because we in do not fly, we only crawl on the land and that only we can see others doing. How a ordinary man from earth can touch the sky or scale new heights, we just can not accept this. But in all this there are few people who break all the limitations of world and fly as there own. It is not easy to stop people who are determined to achieve the goals of self friend. Now it is up to you to decide what to do?
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