Great joke of Hutch with me on this Deepawali

Hutch is a leading mobile telephone services provider in India. I was an admirer of hutch's prepaid connection because I was using it for last for years. Mostly I was satisfied with their service only there were few problems of signals at some areas. Last week I got offer from Hutch customer cares for converting my prepaid connection in to a post paid connection. The package offered by them was very lucrative as they were offering me 600 minutes free to all the mobile phones in Punjab, 200 SMS free, 10 paisa Hutch to Hutch call and one rupee STD for all the mobiles in a 300 rupees rental plan (called zero rental plan).

While considering all this I ordered for the conversion of my prepaid connection into post paid connection. I as well gave request of activation of 2000 free SMS at monthly charge of 50 rupees additional. After getting this plan I began dreaming of saving huge amount of money on my bills and a better connectivity with my friends. However, today one day before Deepawali I got notice from them that my outgoing calls and SMS are barred because my usage has crossed the limit of 500 rupees allotted to me. I hardly can accept that with in three days of activation and that too with so many plans I can land on this enormous amount.

Therefore I called there customer care executive for clarification. First executive was himself confused but second one was able to give some clarifications to me. He told me that I am getting billed for all the usage I am doing and I will be refunded for it when the bill will be made, so he advised me deposits more monies in the hutch retail shop to reopen my outgoing calls. When I estimated the whole cost then I was amazed to know that I was required to deposit 2000 rupees for free SMSs, approximately 500 rupees for local calls and 500 rupees more for STD to totally use their free services.

Where as in case of prepaid I can do all these things at low balance of only 25 rupees, then why I need this post paid connection. The main problem is that most of the things were not told to me at the time of starting of my connection. If I have even little knowledge of this kind of embracement I could face then I have never opted for the HUTCH POST PAID ZERO RENTAL PLAN. Tomorrow when all of my friends will send me Deepawali wishes then I will be not able to revert back to them even after have 2000 free SMS Pack. Thanks to the best service provided by HUTCH, which is nothing what a joke? I am writing this article to aware people about these hidden facts which mobile companies hide from us.

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