Nuclear test by North Korea-A time to wake up

Nuclear test by North Korea shows the failure of world body to also stop the states from perusing nuclear deterrence. North Korea has done nuclear test show the doubt on the Nuclear proliferation treaty (NPT) and show its failure. Few years back the nuclear tests were done by both India and Pakistan. After North Korea, we could think Iran going on the same way.

All these tests may be attributed to the discrepancies and one sided ness of NPT. As the concerns rose by India few years back that the nuclear nations should also defuse their nuclear weapons in the faced manner. However countries like America and Russia refused this proposal and these countries even continued their more advanced nuclear programs.

Now how these countries could expect other nations to adhere with rules when these countries are not following it. We can not create different rules for different nations. Power nations can not have rules which favor them but are hard on others. To maintain a world harmony, we are requiring to respect the emotions of all the states whether they are week or strong.

Major countries are required to come out of their selfish motives and try to work for the welfare of whole word. If we still remain unjust to others or tries to force them then we can never achieve a world peace and we could observe in coming time many countries going in the North Korea style.

World is requiring to take this issue very seriously because the nuclear bombs of North Korea, Pakistan and Iran can fall in the hands of terrorists and cause creates the major disasters for us. This is the real time for the world to come as a combined force to stop these kinds of activities in near future. We could hope to see a new era emerges from this bitter truth which could make this world a more real place to live.
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