Why rich are more rich?

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to understand life. Some of the questions of life are away from our thinking level or simply we have no answers for them. Initially for sometime we try to search answers for them and then after sometime we start blaming our luck, time or circumstances. For example there are many people in this world, who are extremely rich. They have so many things in excess for them, which are not available to million of people. There are few people who are sleeping on the ground in the cold of winters and on the other side there are people who have hundred of rooms vacant in their homes. There are many people in developed nations who waste so much of food as unhygienic or bad quality, which is enough to feed millions of people in poor nations. There are many people in India who can be seen eating food thrown on the ground as wastage. There are billions of people around the world, who do not have more than two peers of cloths to wear and on the other hand there are few rich people who have cloths which can be wear by billions. I have no answers for all this because I am also same like others. If I have money then I may be doing the same things. But still I will maintain some balance between my needs and greed. According to the words of God in Geeta, he lives in everyone whether he is rich or poor. Then why we are so selfish towards only our own means and do not care for others. The answer to all this may be lying in problem of ego. Due to ego, we want to create a difference between our self and others. We want to justify our success, richness and prosperity by not sharing it with others because if we share it then we will lose the difference with others, which our ego will never allow us to do.
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